• SWEETS 2 is here.

  • Drop:

    • SWEETS 2 is dropping in 3 chapters starting this upcoming Monday Feb. 13th

    • All Chapters will be 3-day open editions hosted on Sound.

    • You can mint from aly.works or Sound (I suggest the former)

  • Airdrops:

    • Collectors who hold any editions of the ROAD TO SWEETS 2 singles will receive airdrops from the collection via claim form

    • You can find the claim form in The Aly Collectors Chat).

      • Collectors have until this Sunday (2/12) to collect as many different songs from the ROAD drops to max out airdrops. Snapshot occurs then via Bello.
  • Milestones:

    • At each of these milestones, a certain % of the proceeds will be used to sweep the floor of SWEETS 2 songs after all three chapters are completed.

      • 250 editions - 5% of proceeds (~0.125 ETH)

      • 500 editions - 10% of proceeds (~0.5 ETH)

      • 1000 editions - 20% of proceeds (~2 ETH)



I’m excited to announce my first project under my real name, Aly.

SWEETS 2 is finally here.

It’s an album of 12 songs that are each 30-seconds long.

It will be rolled out on Sound in three chapters starting on Monday, February 13th.

Each chapter consists of 4 songs, all released as 3-day open editions with a mint price of 0.01 ETH.

Side Note: For the best experience, I suggest minting SWEETS 2 from aly.works

SWEETS 2 is an experiment in community curation.

You decide the supply.

You decide which songs are the most popular.

You decide how much ETH goes back to supporting the collection.

Here’s what’s next.

this was the room i made most of the album in
this was the room i made most of the album in


SWEETS 2 tells a chronological story of my life between my 22nd and 23rd birthdays.

During that time I made the decision to pursue music full-time for one year with the hopes of being a full time musician at the end.

My plan was to deliver food through Postmates and Uber Eats during the day, and make/promote my music at night.

I packed up all my items, saved a bit of money and stayed in a friend’s cobweb-covered bedroom for $400 a month.

At the end of the year, I wasn’t where I wanted to be, but I had experienced the highest highs and lowest lows of my life, and had this album to show for it all.

Since then, I’ve become an active member of the web3 music community.

I was an artist during the Songcamp CHAOS project where I collaborated with 70 other artists to release a project of 45 songs.

I’m also a member of the LNRZ Freshman Class where I’ve been lucky enough to work with Reo and the incredible LNRZ core team.

I’ve also been a part of Campfire – where I collabbed with artists like TK, FUTRxLGND and ABJO to make music for the Campfire Season 1 project (alpha) at the Art Basel studio sessions. Special thanks to Alec and TK for having me out.

I’ve also been an active collector of Music NFTs. For the last few months, I’ve found just as much satisfaction in collecting other artists as in selling out my own drops.

Shoutout to the time I was a bigger collector than Cooper
Shoutout to the time I was a bigger collector than Cooper

My journey as a collector has shed so much light into how I want to approach my drops as an artist.

That brings us to my favorite part.


SWEETS 2 is divided into three chapters.

Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Each chapter contains 4 songs.

Every song will be minted as an open edition for 0.01 ETH with a duration of three days.

To encourage collecting, we are setting milestones at different supplies.

At each of these milestones, a certain % of the proceeds will be used to sweep the floor of SWEETS 2 songs after all three chapters are completed.

  • 250 editions - 5% of proceeds (~0.125 ETH)

  • 500 editions - 10% of proceeds (~0.5 ETH)

  • 1000 editions - 20% of proceeds (~2 ETH)

SWEETS 2 milestones
SWEETS 2 milestones

In addition - the top collector of Sweet 2 will receive a private plane hour-long plane ride with me as your pilot.

The goal is to let the community determine the supply and decide which songs are the most popular.

By encouraging different milestones, the proceeds from the project can go back towards rewarding the collectors.

The mint will take place on both Sound and aly.works. (Some alpha from me: mint from the site.)

But there’s more.


Airdrop Description
Airdrop Description

Throughout the last few months, I’ve been releasing my “ROAD TO SWEETS 2” collection on Sound.

It’s all been leading here, and I’m so deeply grateful for all of my collectors’ support throughout all 7 drops.

Collectors that own every individual release from the “Road” singles will receive a full set of SWEETS 2 airdropped to them. (12 airdrops)

To qualify - this means that you have collected:


In partnership with Bello - a snapshot will be taken on Sunday, February 12th at 12PM PST to lock in the balances of holders for the airdrop.

For all other collectors, they can fill out a form to receive an airdrop of one of the 12 songs for every single from the “ROAD” drops that they own.

That means if you’ve collected 3 songs from the “ROAD” drops, you are eligible to receive an airdrop of your favorite 3 songs on SWEETS 2.

The airdrop is on a per-song basis, which means that even if you collected 3 editions of the same song, you can only redeem the airdrop for that song once.

Airdrops will take place via my collector chat using a Google Form.

Simply fill out the form with the song(s) you want, and it will be airdropped to your wallet accordingly.

Also, you can read more about the ROAD TO SWEETS 2 here.


Snapshot on Sunday, February 12th at 12PM PST.

CHAPTER i: FLORIDA - Monday, February 13th at 12PM PST.

CHAPTER ii - GEORGIA - Thursday, February 16th at 12PM PST.

CHAPTER iii - TENNESSEE - Monday, February 20th at 12PM PST.

Each chapter will run for 3 days.


SWEETS 2 is a story.

It’s the story of the child of immigrants stepping outside of deep cultural programming in order to pursue something that’s more meaningful than a straightforward path to financial stability.

This is the most honest I’ve been in any of my songs, so it’s only fitting that I finally start going by my real name: Aly.

Since I first started releasing music under “Lackhoney,” I knew this day would come. I’m so excited that the way I’m coming out to the world as myself is in this space first.


I entered the Web3 space through selling my work at a premium.

My third ever NFT sale was the Party On music video for 4.8 ETH (which is its own story here).

Then a few months later, Sweets 1 sold on Catalog for 5 ETH.

These moments along with all of my other sales thus far have blown my mind, and prompted full mental breakdowns on the TL. I’m eternally grateful to each of the collectors that continue to support me.

so real of me
so real of me

This time I want to try something different.

My goal with this project is accessibility with the deeper goal of spreading the story I’m telling through the music.

For that reason, I’ve chosen to price my whole album at 0.01 ETH.

I highly encourage everyone to collect the full SWEETS 2 set, and maybe even multiple editions of your favorite songs. I want these to be gifted to first time collectors, be peoples’ first experience in Web3, and the grail in y’alls collections (golden eggs ftw).

SWEETS 2 is for everyone.

I want to make sure that nuanced, underrepresented stories like this one get told. I believe that speaking on this experience is a deeply important task of South-Asian creatives.

On a foundational level, our stories aren’t being told with the level of true diversity/detail that’s necessary.

This music and the accompanying visuals are the tip of the iceberg in the continuing conversation around the broadening of what it means to be Brown in the Western world.

still reading?
still reading?


For years, I avoided discussing my family and culture in my music for fear of being labeled as “the brown rapper”.

These days, I’ve been feeling the opposite.

The music I’m making now–and have been ever since SWEETS 2– has been solely focused on the most honest stories I can tell.

My collectors chat has been hearing these songs from first draft to completed song for months.

The two projects I’m releasing later this year focus on highlighting those stories, as well as exploring some very exciting collaborations with my friends – many of which you may already be quite familiar with.

(goodie bags otw)
(goodie bags otw)


To stay up to date with SWEETS 2 and everything I’m working on - join my collectors chat!!!!

I’ll be posting more about the project over the upcoming week, including in-depth breakdowns of each chapter and snippets from the SWEETS 2 music video–which is the most insane shit I’ve ever made.

I may or may not be leaking the entire SWEETS 2 music video in my collectors chat early – just saying.

(Special thanks to MODA DAO for partly financing the creation of these visuals. They’re my pride and joy and I’m deeply grateful.)

This is the home base for all collector comms, including the airdrops and floor sweeps.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey


trying to get snow off my car with a piece of cardboard because i was late to pick up an order
trying to get snow off my car with a piece of cardboard because i was late to pick up an order
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