big gm from your homie, iman europe.

with so many things grabbing for our attention every day, it really is an honor to have a community of people that show up for me— time and time again— with an interest in what i have to share. above anything else, thank you for being here.

now for a quick life update: i recently took a step back from, where i served as the head of artist relations, and onboarded many of the musicians you know and love into the web3 space. since then, i’ve refocused my attention onto my artistry, taking the time i need to create and recalibrate in equal measure.

my goal while at sound was to bring as much talent to the blockchain as possible, and prove how much potential artists have. i can proudly say that i accomplished everything i set out to do. the next step is to show how artists can merge art and tech, to create a blueprint of web3 success, and to inspire the traditional music industry to pay attention to what we’re creating here.

today i’m excited to announce moneymorphosis, my first music collection onchain, in partnership with LNRZ.

100 editions for $100.

let’s dive in.

about “moneymorphosis”.

i took an entomology class back when i attended college, and since then, i’ve been fascinated with the process of metamorphosis. the idea that a being can begin in one form and completely evolve into something better is a concept that has always resonated deeply with me. above all else, it gave me hope— that maybe one day i could evolve past my current circumstances and into the woman i always wanted to be.

i grew up with a single mother in inglewood, california. although we still had help from my father who lived the bronx, financial stability wasn’t familiar to us. we had love, closeness, and all the true necessities a human being needs. but since money was our biggest obstacle, it became the ultimate goal. i’m sure anyone who comes from struggle can resonate.

moneymorphosis is a story about how money can positively change a person’s life, and then how that person can change their perspective on money.

if i was wiser, i would’ve known that money comes and goes, but love is always the ultimate goal. loving what you do, loving who loves you, and loving who you are is what matters most in the end. it took attaining it to realize that money is merely a tool— used to help us build the life we want. so while it is important, it isn’t meant to be idolized. instead, i’ve learned that when i focus my attention on intention, purpose, and service, money flows generously to me as a byproduct.

the “proud 2 pay” structure.

one of my biggest inspirations in the music industry is nipsey hussle. not only because of his music, but because of the way he handled business. nipsey was so far ahead of the game and even began dabbling in coding and tech before he passed.

i will never forget when nip did the “proud 2 pay” campaign for his street album, crenshaw. he printed and sold 1000 mixtapes for $100 each within 24 hours. i always found this so impressive because by doing this, he completely redefined the value of his music with the support of his community.

according to nipsey, “it was a concept. It was basically like, always by choice, never by force. If you proud to pay for it, this the price of it.”

i wanted to bring this structure to web3 to remind us what is possible with the power of community. with the conversation of music NFTs losing their value, i want to remind artists that it is on us to create our value, set it, and then stand on it.

moneymorphosis is a beautiful body of work, crafted over time to ensure their value. it is also my first EP on the blockchain, and a classic moment for hip-hop in web3. i truly believe that those who understand the value of moneymorphosis will be proud 2 pay $100 for each edition.

we chose to make this a limited edition of 100 editions only. this isn’t a project that will be in everyone’s wallet. only the supporters who were here first will be able to say they own it. my hope is that this release brings back the excitement of collecting something scarce, and the rush when you find out you were one of the lucky ones! i want to bring back the fun again— and also the secondary market.

how will this work in web3?

  • 100 editions/ $~100 each (0.05 ETH using optimism or credit card).

  • collecting an edition gets you the whole EP.

  • public sale goes live on Thursday, 7/6 at 1pm PST.

  • no presale.

  • mint on

what comes with it?

  • the full moneymorphosis EP, airdropped to you once mint closes.

  • 4 songs, each paired with its own unique piece of artwork.

  • access to LNRZ HQ.

  • access to Iman Europe’s “Icons” chat.

  • Entry into the live listening experience/album release party in LA on Friday, 7/7!

RSVP link will be provided on Wednesday, 7/5.
RSVP link will be provided on Wednesday, 7/5.

the creation of “moneymorphosis”.

the majority of this project was created during the LNRZ writing camp back in january of this year. the team invited me and a few collaborators (Kaelin Ellis, Fat Ron, and Heno.) out to the desert and set us up in a house to create for a few days. they equipped us with everything we needed to record, and we all worked together to bring moneymorphosis to life. joshua tree ended up being the perfect get away for us to create something special and deeply connect with one another. i’ll forever be grateful for the time we spent there.

we continued to build out the story once we got back to LA over numerous studio sessions with my engineer Roy. i was also able to get my brother Thurz to feature on the last track with me, and at the very end, create the interludes that tied it all together.

moneymorphosis is a prelude to collaborative album by Kaelin Ellis and I, titled chrysalis. chrysalis will be released on DSPs later this year and will include tracks from this project. by minting moneymorphosis, you are very much a part of the infancy of this project and a big contribution to how far it will go.

in closing,

please join us for the listening party on [Thursday, 7/6 at 12:30 pm PST](, hosted by me and LNRZ.

huge thank you to the entire LNRZ squad for being such great partners throughout this entire process, and really giving me a moment to feel seen and appreciated. i am really grateful y’all!

special thank you to everyone who has touched this project and added to it in any way— Kaelin, Ron, Heno., Roy, Thurz, Jarrod, Shawntel, and Reo, i appreciate y’all so much!

thank you Nipsey for the inspiration every day. really hope i’m making you proud.

and thank you to everyone who is proud 2 pay for moneymorphosis! this only works because of my community. i love y’all more than i can say.

sending everyone peace and love. can’t wait to see how good this goes!! <3

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