The Future of Community is Wallet-Native

The Future of Community is Wallet-Native

The social and economic characteristics of wallets already converge across web3 in activities like NFT collection and participation in community governance, but that’s just the beginning. Socially, wallets are evolving into the means by which everyone in web3 communicates, interacts, and follows each other. Blurring the lines between social and economic identity presents a completely new design space with enormous opportunities for the next generation of social applications. At Mirror, our mission is to build great publishing tools at this junction.

For the next generation of creators and builders, a wallet-based community will be an immeasurably powerful asset. In web3, community isn’t about passive consumption, liking, or sharing—wallets transform a community into active participants via collection, ownership, patronage, and governance participation. Wallet-based communities can facilitate new creation models, new engagement models, and new business models.

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