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Farcaster, a Web3 social protocol, has seen a surge in user engagement since launching Frames. From 3,000 daily users in late January to nearly 370k users today, with daily "casts" jumping from 200,000 to 2.9 million. This impressive growth offers valuable insights into where social media is going.

Farcaster's architecture is a blend of on-chain and off-chain systems, which includes registry contracts deployed on the Ethereum network via Optimism. Messages are cast to a network of servers called 'Hubs', ensuring the reliability of user data. This hybrid architecture is spurring some innovative ideas like Frames. Frames allow developers to embed interactive experiences within Farcaster posts, known as Casts. There are fun and different frames being created, including one for Girl Scout cookies. This allows you to shop within the Frame and then checkout via Coinbase without ever leaving Warpcast.

We’re committed to the Farcaster ecosystem and are excited about its potential. We integrated Farcaster into our indexing pipelines, positioning it alongside prominent chains like Base, Syndicate, and Solana. We're proud to offer this dataset entirely free as a public good, fueled by our passion for easy and open access to data.

Our approach with this dataset has been to take a semi-opinionated stance on normalizing hub events into views that more easily work for products and analytics (e.g. "user_data" from Hubs maps to "profiles" in BigQuery).

To start, we have 5 tables available: casts, links, reactions, verifications, and profiles.

Looking where to start? Try seeing who the most active reply guys are.

Currently, BigQuery is updated every hour with the latest snapshot of data. Depending on feedback, we'll likely try to make this truly real-time using some materialized views.

A huge shout out and thanks to @pinatacloud for their public hub support!

Looking where to start? Try seeing who the most active reply guys are.

If you have questions or other data needs, contact us!

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Email: hello@indexing.co

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