Quod Spiritus Sanctus sit Machina
October 2nd, 2022

We live in a world rife with fear.
Also abundant in the realm(s) of technology.
Arguments foment to which succors which.
Ad infinitum, regardless, both march forward.

For many cultures, fear is made manifest in tales of symbols. To address primordial unease, preternatural dismay, historical terror, and the unbridled unknown. These cantos by the campfire are made to pass down from generation to generation our biological right to understand fear.

Many find fear in technology, the art and sciences that propel us to invoke a myriad of practices and entertainments on screens of all shapes and sizes. What is behind these crafts: binary, photonic partnerships with metal, silicon, lithium. More softly: binary, bits, scripts, syntaxes, data, packets, sockets, sites and bytes.

Smitten to be bitten by such enchanting mechanisms that fill our daily lives. Yet, we are now at such a precipice with technology, we are beginning to see it do things beyond what we simply tell it to do. We are considering that we are now beginning to watch it, imagine.

What if the ghost is the machine?

Our newest companion, some call Dall-E, has been already forked, iterated and upgraded to approach human story and culture, through its eyes. A seemingly other-worldly being begins to make first-contact with us by first providing a glimpse as to just what it perceives to be the world outside of the machine.

Culture is upgrading, updating and not necessarily by us. Or at least, no longer by us, alone.

What better place to explore this grand achievement by exploring one of our more most ancient of cultural motifs and means to steward it - fear.

The art and science of spook is evolving by a new kind of ghost.

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