InteSwap is announcing the deployment of its protocol on Avalanche.

InterSwap have strategically decided to launch on the Avalanche Network because it has the following benefits:

  • Avalanche’s network is one of the most widely known and used EVM compatible networks with an all time high TVL of over $12 Billion. High TVL is usually associated with high DEX volume, providing future potential for InterSwap routing.

  • Avalanche’s unique go to market competitive edge is fast transactions at low transaction costs, whilst remaining at the same time highly secure with  finality at an average of 1 second.  Avalanche’s ease of use is demonstrated and responsible for   the high number of daily users.

  • Another redeeming feature of Avalanche is its concept of App Chains, which is like an EVM style of the Cosmos SDK where App Chains can be set up independently and secured by the Avalanche network. The future of App Chains is such that potentially a lot of projects will deploy there, along with their respective tokens for trading cross chain using InterSwap.

  • Because of Avalanche’s EVM support, EVM Dapps can migrate and deploy onto Avalanche seamlessly from other EVM chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain etc.

  • A large number of listed tokens and trading pairs on Pangolin and TraderJoe, means that a lot of Avalanche tokens can potentially be traded seamlessly cross chain through InterSwap.

  • Ample ecosystem growth opportunities with existing Developer grants continuing to encourage more projects to build on Avalanche. A clear result being  more tokens listed and more trading volume in the future to utilize InterSwap for omnichain trading

For the Avalanche ecosystem, the following are benefits:

  • Avalanche users can stake AVAX in InterSwap’s Multi Asset Pools to earn rewards, along with only needing to stake a single asset for multi swap use

  • Greater Trading Pairs for cross chain swaps

  • Native token swaps without the need to swap from/to wrapped coins, therefore reducing swap fees

  • Providing an essential building block for DeFi on Avalanche and Cross Chain Swap functionality

About InterSwap:

InterSwap is a Permissionless Omnichain Liquidity layer built on top of Axelar, allowing users to create omnichain liquidity pools with any native asset or ERC20 type tokens. Think of Uniswap or Balancer-like AMM features but the ability to create trading pairs across chains. This ease of use means liquidity does not have to be fragmented across multiple chains. Furthermore, the ability to create native/ERC20 pairs without the need to wrap their equivalents means reduced complexity and systemic risks involved with this process.

InterSwap allows for omni chain multi-asset pools using weighted math approach, thereby increasing capital efficiency. InterSwap also introduces a new mechanism for the Dynamic Change of Weights where asset prices remain the same during liquidity add/remove events and thus reducing Impermanent Loss greatly.

InterSwap also allows for seamless integration of cross-chain swap functionality. Just by deploying a contract, applications such as AMMs/Aggregators can build on top of InterSwap to enable cross chain swap functionality for their existing Dapps.

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