Important: InterSwap Unfold whitelist update

InterSwap recently launched InterSwap Unfold (also called Tesnet Phase II), an incentivized invite-only testnet access. This was an extended continuation of the InterSwap Genesis (also called Testnet Phase I)

This post aims to give a better understanding of whitelisting criteria used for InterSwap Unfold access and opportunity for those who still want to be part of it.

InterSwap Unfold access can be broken down into 2 buckets viz. Option I (Closed) and Option II (Open)

Brief: Option I (Closed)

Users who participated in any of the following in the past should be able to access the platform:

  1. InterSwap Genesis Pass

  2. InterSwap Genesis Testnet Whitelist Campaign

  3. Interswap Unfold Testnet Whitelist Campaign

  4. Axelar <> InterSwap | InterSwap Unfold whitelist campaign

  5. Prime <> InterSwap | InterSwap Unfold whitelist campaign

  6. and lastly Axelar users who meets the following criteria:

Any user who has:

  • Used Axelar directly or via the any of their ecosystem daApps between 27/10/23 3.00 PM and 26/01/24 2.00 AM UTC

  • Across Arbitrum, Ethrereum, Avalanche, Polygon PoS, PolygonzkEVM, Linea, Optimism, BNB Chain, Base, Scroll, and Mantle

  • In Mainnet and

  • Have conducted 2 or more transactions

If you fall under any of the above categories, then you should be able to access the platform:

However, in case you think that there has been a mistake from our end in terms of no-access then let us know on Discord:

Brief: Option II (Open)

In case, you don't fall under Open I (as described above), and still want to take part in the InterSwap Unfold,

then the last option is to participate in the ongoing campaign: HERE

Please note: A periodic snapshot of new entries will be taken every 48 hours and will be provided access in batches

About Interswap

InterSwap is the first fully composable liquidity unification layer (Omnichain AMM) on Axelar

It aims to unify the liquidity spread across chains & dApps, eliminate associated risks, boost capital utilization & efficiency, and provide a seamless user experience. It's a fresh approach to the legacy issues in cross-chain ecosystems filled with sub-optimal existing solutions viz. bridges, CEXes, aggregator, and other solutions that come with their limitations and risks

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