InterSwap Genesis is Live!

InterSwap is excited the announce the launch of InterSwap Genesis, the Invite-only testnet for early supporters

InterSwap Genesis launch is a small step towards the global vision of a truly Omnichain future

But, first thing first!

A run-down of InterSwap

InterSwap is an AMM that facilitates swapping of any asset across any chain. Alternatively speaking, it's not a bridge rather an Omnichain liquidity layer (or AMM).

InterSwap aims to solve problems that come inherent with legacy cross-chain solutions viz. cross-chain bridges, CEXes, intermediary assets/chains, etc. in the forms of financial risks, capital inefficiencies, and sub-optimal user experiences

InterSwap attempts to address these gaps through the following features:

Security & risks minimization:

  • Axelar infrastructure (GMP and GMP Express) for secure and fast communication

  • Only direct native assets eliminating the financial risk exposures

  • Non-upgradable smart contracts to prevent architectural changes

Capital efficiencies

  • Unified liquidity against legacy liquidity fragmentation to extract better rates

  • Permissionless pool creation unlike forced deposit to certain liquidity pools to enable better asset utilization

  • Single sided (asset) liquidity provisioning for better asset utilization and extract capital benefits

  • Automated pool rebalancing for non 1:1 assets to minimize capital loss in arbitrage opportunities

  • Fiat liquidity provisioning

User experience

  • 1-click txn. lifecycle to offer seamless UX

  • Simple UI and no fancy jargons. Keep it simple, stupid! (KISS)

  • More assets (1:1 and non 1:1 assets) and chain class (EVM, Non EVM, Rollups, Cosmos, Parachain)

  • Non-custodial automated Portfolio Manager to offer a single high level consolidate user view

InterSwap Genesis: Key information

The current version is an Invite only testnet version wherein select users profiled through various community activities earlier have been given access

In case, you have not collected your InterSwap Genesis Pass, then do collect that here:

In the current version, users will be able to experience the following features:

Users will be able to

  • Swap across assets and supported chains based on liquidity available

  • Single sided (asset) liquidity addition/removal

  • Permissionless pool creation of any assets across available chains

  • Dashboard feature

  • Send assets to different destination wallet addresses

For a detailed walkthrough, refer to the the user guide:

Note: The current version is in testnet and there might be some bugs. So, please feel free to bring those to attention and do share any feedback that might help us to offer a better product suite and user experience

Road ahead:

As, we move forward, the focus will be on the following agendas:

  • Optimizing the product based on bug reports and feedback

  • Adding more chains and features as outlined in the run-down of the InterSwap

  • Progressive launch of next versions in the forms of Testnet and Mainnet

  • Constantly interact with, and incentivize users and supporters

  • Bring InterSwap at the mass level with B2B integrations

… and more

As always, we look forward to your continued support to deliver a truly global vision of Omnichain future!

For latest updates and developments, do follow our Twitter and join Discord

Happy Swapping,

Team InterSwap

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