InterSwap Unfold: Testnet Phase 2 Launch!

InterSwap is thrilled to announce the launch of InterSwap Unfold(Phase 2), the Invite-only incentivized testnet for cross-chain enthusiasts.

InterSwap Unfold is another important step towards the upcoming mainnet launch.

As usual! A run-down of InterSwap

InterSwap is the first fully composable liquidity unification layer (Omnichain AMM) on Axelar

  • It aims to unify the liquidity spread across chains & dapps, eliminate associated risks, boost capital utilization & efficiency, and provide a seamless user experience

  • Its a fresh approach to the legacy issues in cross-chain ecosystem filled with sub optimal existing solutions viz. bridges, CEXes, aggregator, and other solutions that comes with their own limitations and risks

Standout features:

  • Unified liquidity for deeper liquidity and better rates

  • Direct native swaps for both 1:1 and non 1:1 assets

  • Single asset and permissionless liquidity provision for better capital utilization

  • Fiat liquidity provision and Cross Chain Smart Routing (CCSR) for additional liquidity injection


With the successful completion of the Genesis Testnet, InterSwap is now gearing up for an even more ambitious Phase2: Unfold. Launch of Unfold is not just a milestone for the InterSwap team but a beacon of progression for the entire interoperability ecosystem.

Reflecting on the Success of Phase 1

The first testnet phase of InterSwap was incredible, we appreciate everyone who gave it a try!  For us It was a period of rigorous testing, valuable user feedback, and significant enhancements. The feedback from the community was instrumental in identifying areas for improvement, leading to notable enhancements in InterSwap's overall performance and user experience.

Highlights of Genesis Phase

Introduction of New Chains in Phase 2

One of the most exciting developments in Phase 2 is the introduction of new chains. This expansion means more diversity in trading pairs, increased liquidity, and broader access to liquidity across different chains. New chains were selected based on their security, scalability, and most important user base. This addition not only enhances InterSwap's accessibility but also aligns with InterSwap's mission to bridge the gap between various blockchain ecosystems.

Whitelist Access for Axelar Top Users

 Any user who has:
  • used Axelar directly or via the any of their ecosystem daApps between 27/10/23 3.00 PM and 26/01/24 2.00 AM UTC

  • across Arbitrum, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM, Optimism, BNB Chain, Linea, Scroll, and Mantle in Mainnet and

  • have conducted 2 or more transactions


For more information on Axelar ecosystem eligible dApps, visit and follow

InterSwap Unfold: Essentials

Unfold version is an Incentivized Invite only testnet version for a wide range of users compared to Genesis testnet.

InterSwap Unfold Pass can be collected here:

Unfold users will be able to test following features:

  • Supported chains: Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB chain, Optimism, Polygon, Base, Linea, Scroll, Mantle, zkEVM, Avalanche

  • URL:

  • Features:

    Users will be able to

  • Swap across assets and supported chains based on liquidity available

  • Single sided (asset) liquidity addition/removal

  • Permissionless pool creation of any assets across available chains

  • Dashboard feature

  • Send assets to different destination wallet addresses

For a detailed walkthrough, refer to the the user guide:

Note: The current version is in testnet and there might be some bugs. So, please feel free to bring those to attention and do share any feedback that might help us to offer a better product suite and user experience


Unfold launch marks a significant step forward for InterSwap, Axelar and the broader blockchain community. As InterSwap continues to evolve, it invites the community to join in this journey, to test, provide feedback, and help shape the future of cross-chain swaps. This phase is more than just a test; it's a glimpse into the future of decentralized finance, where inclusivity, efficiency, and security are paramount.

About Interswap

InterSwap is an omnichain AMM with unified liquidity built on top of Axelar. InterSwap offers unified transactions across the chains permissionless cross-chain pool creation with a few clicks.

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