InterSwap join hands with Prime Protocol: One step closer to Omnichain future

InterSwap is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Prime Protocol that marks a significant development towards the vision of a truly global Omnichain future!

Before moving forward,

About Prime Protocol

Prime Protocol is a cross-chain prime brokerage that facilitates depositing any asset on any chain and borrowing any other asset on any other chain against the total value of assets across all chains combined. Live across 9 chains, Prime Protocol utilizes Axelar and LayerZero to leverage their General Message Passing (GMP) capabilities

About InterSwap

Built on Axelar, InterSwap is an Omnichain liquidity unification layer that unifies liquidity across networks and dApps. It eliminates the legacy cross-chain solutions viz. CEXes, bridges, aggregators, and intermediary assets/chains.

The flagship offerings comes in the form of Unified Liquidity Provisioning layer and Swap platform

The standout features are Unified Liquidity, Single asset & fiat liquidity provisioning, User created custom pool creation, and MEV resistant among others

Synergy: InterSwap <> Prime Protocol

After Mainnet live, users can experience an enhanced set of combined capabilities from InterSwap and Prime Protocol put together.

Indicative use cases:

  • Earn attractive yields by borrowing assets on any chain on Prime and using that to provide liquidity on InterSwap thereby attracting better capital efficiency

  • Increased no. of markets with deeper liquidity to hedge risk against price and slippage

And as we move forward, we would like to explore more areas of collaboration

As a case study, you can read Prime Protocol’s association with Trader Joe and Thena

Celebration: Chance to access InterSwap’s upcoming Testnet

To celebrate the association with Prime Protocol, InterSwap is bringing a whitelist campaign that would provide early access to InterSwap’s upcoming Invite only Tesnet Phase 2 (InterSwap Unfold)

Campaign specifics:

Follow the specifics as mentioned below and complete simple tasks on Galxe to be considered eligible for upcoming early access

Campaign URL :

ICYMI, a similar campaign with Axelar is also live and can be accessed HERE

To view the report card of InterSwap’s Testnet Phase 1 (InterSwap Genesis) click HERE

For the latest updates and developments at InterSwap, be sure to follow Twitter and join Discord

About Prime

Prime Protocol is the first natively cross-chain prime brokerage. Prime offers borrowing backed by investors’ entire digital portfolios, regardless of asset type or blockchain. Collateral can be deposited on any supported chain, and loans will be made available on any supported chain. This model of interoperability is revolutionary in the DeFi space, where existing infrastructure only supports loans within single blockchain ecosystems, often only backed by a single collateral type.Twitter | Discord | App

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