InterSwap is live on Moonbeam!

InterSwap is thrilled to announce the successful integration of Moonbeam. This marks a pivotal step forward towards a truly global Omnichain future!

A Quick Rundown of InterSwap

InterSwap is an AMM (Automated Market Maker) that facilitates the swapping of any asset across any chain. It's not a bridge but rather an Omnichain Liquidity Layer (or AMM).

InterSwap aims to tackle problems associated with traditional cross-chain solutions such as cross-chain bridges, CEXes, intermediary assets/chains, etc. These include financial risks, capital inefficiencies, and less-than-ideal user experiences.

Natively developed on Axelar, InterSwap possesses cross-chain communication abilities that guarantee swift, safe, and cost-effective transactions.


The Invite-only testnet, InterSwap Genesis, is now live on six chains, including Moonbeam.

For the existing InterSwap Genesis users, this integration will:

  • Permit a 1-click transfer of assets from Moonbeam to other chains and vice versa.

  • Authorize permissionless pool creation in Moonbeam or alongside other chain assets.

  • Facilitate unilateral (asset) liquidity addition/removal.

  • Let users directly dispatch destination chain assets to different wallet addresses.

Moonbeam on InterSwap Genesis

To add Moonbeam, you can enter Moonbeam’s network configurations:

  1. Network Name: Moonbeam

  2. RPC URL:

  3. Chain ID: 1287(0x507)

  4. Symbol (optional): DEV

  5. Block Explorer (optional):

Press “Save” to link to the Moonbeam Testnet network.

Get test tokens:

  1. Moonbeam Faucet Users of InterSwap Genesis can visit to delve into the features immediately.

Nevertheless, ensure you have your Genesis Access Pass here:

We'll be progressively unveiling more slots, allowing more users the chance to evaluate the application in the upcoming stages.

Summary of Vital URLs:


Genesis Access Pass:

User Manual:

Issue Report:

Comprehensive Data on InterSwap:

Path Forward:

  • Commencement of the next platform access stages

  • Integration of more chains

  • Augmentation of product reliability and bug fixes

  • Rollout of novel features


This union brings significant visibility to the multitude of distinct addresses and a vast collection of dApps native to Moonbeam. Users can now seamlessly shift assets depending on their demands, enabling them to sample diverse protocols on multiple chains. This dramatically reduces the entry hurdle, allowing better capital utilization and enhanced yields.

dApps can effortlessly integrate InterSwap based on their requirements, further enabling cross-chain functionalities and convenience for their inherent audience. This presents a win-win value proposition, signifying a leap towards the grand vision of a truly global omnichain horizon!

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