Weekly Update (11/29-12/5)

Last week, our main focus was to acquire NFTs, metaverse lands, and in-game assets to grow the net asset value of the IBC DAO treasury. In the process, we also rewarded our genesis members with a one-of-one NFT artwork. Another featured collection of IBC, CipherPunks, is also listed on OpenSea. 

On top of that, we managed to acquire fifty skilled Axie Infinity players who are ready to go once batch activation is confirmed. 

This week, we finalized a few essential DAO elements like website and guild structure. Before that, we want to appreciate all the community members who joined us on this ride, as our Twitter handle crossed 7,500 followers this week after launching our website. 

The first iteration of the IBC DAO website is now live. We can expect to see web3 integration and guild scholars’ dashboard in the coming weeks. 

We also finalized the guild structure of IBC DAO. We had discussions with community members, and after exploring different options, we decided to go with the SubDAO approach. We will update more on this when the whitepaper is released. 

That’s a wrap for this week. 

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