Weekly Update (12/13/21 - 12/19/21)

It’s been one month already. Wow! 

Thank you to the community members who joined us on this ride. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Last week, we kick-started governance proposals to explore new investment options for the gaming guild and IBC DAO treasury. Also, all genesis members have now joined on the snapshot to actively participate in the voting process. 

We also added NFTs from top collections such as NFT worlds and Rumble Kongz to our treasury. We believe both are utility-based assets that will grow exponentially in the future. Currently, the community is exploring new investment ideas, and background research is going on. We will soon launch a proposal to decide based on governance. 

Another milestone in the books is guild activation. We successfully onboarded the first batch of players. We will give more clarity on the revenue allocation soon. This marks the beginning of our gaming guild. And we think it lays the foundation for our future guild operations. 

That is all we’ve got for this week from the DAO side. We got some exciting launches coming next week. So stay tuned for more updates. 

By the way, we have reached 15,000 followers on Twitter in less than one month. So to get the latest news on IBC DAO, make sure to follow and turn on notifications.

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