Weekly Update (12/6/2021 - 12/12/2021)

It has been a fantastic week for IBC DAO.

We started off by creating a DAO on snapshot. This will allow genesis members to propose new investment ideas in different verticals of the gaming space. As everything we do is consensus-based, it is very important we get everyone on board with the operations and proposals. We expect all members to join snapshot and actively take part in voting. 

The next big milestone we achieved this week is the acquisition of fifty scholar players along with the required Axie pets to play the Axie Infinity P2E game. We believe this acquisition will serve as the foundation of our gaming guild. And we are pleased with the managers onboarding these new players as well. We expect to start the training sessions soon. 

From the investment proposals made on the snapshot, we decided to acquire more virtual lands and utility-based NFTs. The first land parcel we bought is from CryptoVoxels. Community members anticipate it’s going to provide great returns long-term, as it is one of the oldest metaverse projects that still didn’t get enough recognition. The size of the land acquired is 215m². 

We also invested in another gaming ecosystem called NFT worlds. We bought three lands and added them to our treasury. This was unanimously accepted, as everyone in the DAO believes it can be the backbone of open worlds in the future. Also, its ties with the Minecraft community are a big plus. 

The last investment we made this week is into an NFT project called Rumble Kongs. We are pretty bullish about this project because it offers a game-ready utility to its owners. When the basketball game is fully functional with proper tokenomics, we plan to lend these Kongs to our players. 

That’s it, folks!

We got exciting things planned for next week. Will keep you in the loop with these weekly updates. If you want to join our DAO as a contributor or player, make sure to fill the waitlist form. We will contact you when IBC DAO is open to the public. 

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