【Staking Tutorial-neutron】Smart Contract Platform Secured by Cosmos Hub

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Introducing Neutron today , powered by Tendermint and built with the Cosmos SDK, the most secure permissionless smart contract platform for cross-chain DeFi. enter the official dc

Neutron has opened the testnet, and Equinox has obtained the official pledge. Let's see how to interactively pledge.

1.Generate the neutron test network address

Visit the official staking website https://explorer.stavr.tech/neutron-testnet/staking/neutronvaloper16e5y98j3frr7wjhfpf0r9pj0eq58xdaepwdue2

This is my node, welcome to delegate

Click the delegate button

If it is the first visit, it will let you link the wallet

Click Import Network, click Next to continue

Fill in the account nickname and click Next

click save

At this time, open the keplr wallet, adjust the network to neutron-testnet, and you can see the address

2.Receive test coins

Join the official faucet telegram https://t.me/+JUEAeO3QZi02MjRi

Use /request YOUR_NEUTRON_ADDRESS to claim test coins


Back to staking website https://explorer.stavr.tech/neutron-testnet/staking/neutronvaloper16e5y98j3frr7wjhfpf0r9pj0eq58xdaepwdue2

Click the delegate button

Enter the amount you want to pledge and click send

The wallet is confirmed and the pledge is completed. You can check the amount of pledge in the wallet

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