Announcing ⚡️Flashmint for NFTs

I'm excited to announce Flashmint (, a protocol that lets you mint from the allowlist on any NFT, and lets NFT owners generate passive income from owning their NFTs. Flashmint is live on the rinkeby testnet and will be deployed to mainnet pending community feedback in the coming weeks.

Background: More and more, NFT projects use an allowlist for presales as a way to bring specific communities into their projects. For a recent example, see mevarmy. People who already owned an NFT from 3lau or x0r were allowed to mint early for a discount. On top of that, the public sale sold out quickly, so if you didn't get in during presale you probably wouldn't have been able to mint one.

Flashmint lets anyone mint from a project like this, even if they don't own the “gating” NFT (in this case, an NFT from 3lau or x0r). Here's how:

  1. Someone who owns a gating NFT deposits it into a Flashmint vault.
  2. During the presale, anyone can use the Flashmint vault to mint from that collection as if they owned the gating NFT.
  3. Vault depositors can choose to charge a fee to minters for using their NFT.

For minters - if you see an NFT with a presale that works like this, you can enter some information about it on our site ( to let people in those communities know you'd use it if they deposited it.

For NFT depositors - when you make a Flashmint, you'll deposit your NFT into a Flashmint vault and set an optional fee. When minters use your vault to mint NFTs, fees will accumulate to your vault. In return for your deposit, you'll get an LP NFT that entitles you to cashflows (claim fees) and looks exactly like the NFT you deposited so it's still on your profile on eg Opensea. The LP NFT can be bought/sold/traded like any other, so can be thought of as a wrapped version of your NFT that generates yield from fees. You can trade back for the original NFT at any time.

Some technical details:

  • This probably won't get you into an NFT-gated discord or IRL party, because all the action has to happen in a single transaction.
  • In this first version, only NFTs that mint using safeMint will work (instead of mint). That's because those give the vault a callback confirming the token was actually received. Over time we'll figure out ways to introduce compatibility with other ways of minting.
  • Prospective users should note that Flashmint smart contracts have not been audited.

Please join the discord to stay up to date, give feedback, and help get ⚡️Flashmint off the ground.

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