⚡️Flashmint comes to Discord WLs, Announces March 24 Launch

We're excited to announce a new feature for Flashmint: sellable discord WL addresses. We’re also launching this Thursday, March 24.

Sellable WL addresses will let discord farmooooors sell their spots on presale allowlists to buyers. Flashmint makes this process trustless - the buyer won’t be charged if the address doesn’t work.

Flipping NFT presales continues to be a popular way for traders to make money — according to @messari data via @thedefiant flipping airdrops has been twice as profitable as just holding.

But getting on the presale allowlist isn't easy. That’s why Flashmint is powering you to make money on the WL grind.

With this addition, Flashmint covers buying/selling all three common presale gates:

  1. On-chain ownership checks (think: Mutant Apes)
  2. Off-chain ownership snapshots (think: Cool Pets)
  3. [New!] WL addresses that mods collect in Discord

Sellable WL addresses are smart contracts, and currently work for ERC721 NFTs on ethereum. You can read about how we keep deposits secure here.

We're also announcing that Flashmint will launch on March 24. If you have an NFT people have heard of, even if you don’t know of a gating NFT for it, DM us. In return for being a day 1 depositor, you'll get buyers' attention on launch day.

Follow us on twitter @FlashmintNFT or join our discord.

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