🔥_🔥 x ENS

When thinking about Ethereum public goods, there’s nothing that springs to mind faster than ENS. As one of the most recognisable projects in web3, ENS has been built from day one to be as decentralized, accessible and credibly neutral as possible. 

Fire Eyes is happy to have contributed to the retroactive airdrop, delegation framework, DAO design and go-to market strategy for $ENS.

The core contributors behind ENS have positioned themselves as some of the most trustworthy, hardworking and respected members of our community. From the past few months working alongside them, we’ve been blown away by both their technical prowess and their unwavering commitment to the core values of Ethereum - in lieu of their own social or financial gain. 

As early users of ENS, we immediately saw the potential to tokenizing such a novel piece of infrastructure: the DNS of Web3, ENS is highly composable, instantly plugging into any Ethereum application and instantly improving usability. We also believe that there is so much more to come in terms of the ongoing usability and accessibility of Ethereum applications and ENS’ role within this.

Now with the 800+ delegate applications and 130k eligible wallets already invovled we’ve already seen one of the largest governance experiments in Ethereum to date and one of the most coordinated day one DAOs. This push for delegation makes ENS DAO an active hub for governance instantly - creating a community of stewards eager and excited to govern the future of ENS. 

Now, we’re excited to continue that work as ENS delegates.

Fire Eyes DAO is proud to be one of those delegates. As our delegation proposal states, we plan to be active participants in ENS governance, creating opportunities for community members to earn through governance. If you’re looking for a group of highly motivated Ethereum natives to put your tokens to work, please consider delegating to Fire Eyes DAO at fireeyesdao.eth.

Public Goods Coalition

Given ENS is focused on growing the Ethereum ecosystem in an open, transparent and equitable way, its mission aligns perfectly with that of many other projects, including Gitcoin. Both projects are making important strides in innovating what it means to coordinate and govern public goods through a DAO.

Not only do these two projects overlap in ideology, they also share a number of the same humans excited about the projects (Community & Delegates). This raises an interesting question; as decentralised governance scales, how can we create new Meta-governance structures to better coordinate and communicate across communities? 

That’s why 🔥_🔥 is stoked to introduce the Public Goods Coalition (PGC), one of the first governance overlapping structures inside of the Ethereum ecosystem.

More details on the Public Goods Coalition in the coming weeks 👀

Public Goods are incredibly valuable and we’re excited to help pioneer a more robust and efficient ecosystem for them in the web3 future. 

What’s Next

ENS potential for innovation and decentralisation is something 🔥_🔥 is incredibly proud to be a part of 🦄

We’d like to thank the ENS team for allowing us to play a role in one of the most impactful launches across the ecosystem to date. As we look forward to the coming months, expect Fire Eyes to continue acting as a leading governance proponent for Ethereum public goods.

Until then - let .eth holders rejoice as the new owners of ENS!

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