The TaterDAO Starch Paper

TaterDAO aims to start a revolution in real estate.  Out first application is live on arbitrum to mint NFTs that layer in real property details directly into the metadata. The Tater Hunger Games will start as a rumbly movement deep in the bowels and inevitably disrupt the stodgy real estate industry. So we ask ourselves, what do blockchains, taters and real estate all have in common? To be eaten!  To devour or be devoured. We want to make decentralized real estate the same as potatoes: delicious, affordable and nutritious to the wallet. To that end, we have the following goals:


  1. Create Realty on the Open Sea. Nine out of ten taters agree, NFT’s from TaterDAO have the data that is necessary to create real world legal agreements and enter into transactions.
  2. Manage Your Own Realty. Provide property owners the sovereignty and the keys to their own kingdom. To manage their on-chain assets, borrow against the value of these assets and do so in a permissionless manner.
  3. Tokenize every RWA on Earth. Real Estate should be owned and managed with modern software tools. We Taters won’t rest until we unlock and make fungible the value in real world assets using blockchains.
  4. One Standard to Rule them All. We further decree that we Taters shall help grow and develop metadata standards for real property and other tangible assets with the RWA Research Consortium, UNA. Another LexDAO subDAO.
Taters are a Way of Life
Taters are a Way of Life

1. Tater Emancipation Day: In 2022 (probably on National Potato Day), we aim to share recipes and make spuds great again!  We aim to spend over $1 on tater tots, mash and be mashed, and celebrate tubers down to their core!

2. The World’s Largest Tater OnlyFans: We are on a mission to feed hawt potato PFP images to insatiable fans of tubers.  Could this be an NFT project?  We cannot tell a lie.  Maybe we will and maybe we won't.

3. Making Taters Side Cars to Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s): Using Taters to show and manage real estate as NFTs will allow DAOs, digital organizations, and real world companies to cordon and manage regulatory and systematic risks.  Each SPV can be a legally recognizable entity organized as a DAO or digital organization.

  • Legal simplicity for RWA assets to be governed by organizational laws of states with a long history of using LLC frameworks. TaterDAO is a master series LLC, under Wyoming law formed using Kali app here.
  • On-chain mechanics allow real-time monitoring of real assets and digital entitlements. The dual legal frameworks would allow traceability and transparency to follow the chain of title. For example, the deed and the title report could be put into a NFTs metadata.
  • Flexibility - Obviously the DAO model would be useful for a wide range of assets. Most assets can be legally held in an LLC organization, and through code deference agreements the DAO smart contract can be programmed to manage the asset in the form of an SPV. In other words, this model should be extensible to other asset classes:
    • Rent
    • Security Deposits
    • Subtenancies
    • Lease with Option to Buy
    • Sale Leaseback
    • Accounting
    • Estate Planning
    • Trusts
Why Use NFTs and Blockchain as Ledger to Manage Assets?
Why Use NFTs and Blockchain as Ledger to Manage Assets?

4. Tokenize Every Sub-right: Real Property is just a bundle of sticks. Tokenization of these rights is the easiest way to allow management of real property on-chain.  This is similar to a baked potato.  Then add-in all the fixins: sour cream, cheese, butter, chives, and most importantly bacon.


To accomplish these goals, we have four major funding mechanisms available:

  1. The Tater NFT
  2. TBD
  3. Sponsorships
  4. Daoification
  5. Consulting services

We decree that we have been underground for far too long!

We are Groot!
We are Groot!

To learn more go to or find us at Twitter at @taterdao to line up a walk through or some consulting.

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