Web3 Learning Map

Playing around with different things. Figured I’d write a high level outline for my own web3 journey and to keep track of stuff to learn.

Last updated Jan 16, 2022

Starting framework

  1. Understanding blockchain and major L1s
  2. Setting up a wallet (save that secret phrase) - passport to Web3
  3. CeFi vs DeFi
    1. CeFi for fiat → crypto inflow
      1. Coinbase for crypto
      2. Blockfi for credit card rebates (until Gemini’s card launches)
      3. Kucoin for some weird coin pairs (and to get into Terra ecosystem)
      4. Genesis Block for lazy USDC investing and to abstract out defi investing
    2. DeFi via Uniswap or Sushiswap for basic txns
  4. Hot wallets vs hardware wallets
  5. News and staying up to date

Use cases

  1. Defi
    1. Defi investment framework
      1. Staking
      2. Liquidity pooling
      3. Auto compounders
      4. Defi 2.0 staking (e.g. OHM APYs)
      5. Leveraged stablecoins (e.g. Abracadabra)
      6. Borrowing (bLuna)
      7. Purchasing liquidated assets (Kujira)
    2. ETH
      1. OHM
    3. Avalanche
      1. TIME
    4. Terra
      1. Anchor Protocol
    5. Fantom
  2. NFTs (mostly ETH based)
    1. Art
      1. Capsule House
      2. Kohi Kintsugi
      3. Corruption(s*)
      4. I’ve stupidly minted a lot of other things with the hope of a quick flip. Have yet to see a single one pan out 🥲
    2. Gaming
      1. Aavegotchi
      2. Axie Infinity
    3. Communities
      1. Club CPG (token gated)
  3. DAOs
    1. Underindexed in a meaningful way here. I vote on proposals here and there and get alpha from different communities, but have yet to see my DAOs really pan out. HeadDao is probably the only major one I’m a part of, and it’s an investment DAO.
  4. Other
    1. Mirror.xyz to see what’s going on here

Advanced mode roadmap

  1. L1s vs L2s
    1. Other L1s
      1. ThorChain
      2. Near Protocol
    2. L2 investment thesis
  2. Product implications?
    1. Portfolio trackers
    2. DeFi user gaps
  3. Advanced defi strategies
    1. Curve Wars
    2. Multichain theses
    3. Multichain stablecoin strategy
    4. Next L1 farming rotation?
    5. DPX
  4. Airdrop farming
    1. L2 farming
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