What drove Phantom's crazy growth? IMO
January 3rd, 2022

A growing segment of wallet users: NFT & Defi

A traditional wallet like meta mask was designed & built in the early days when the use cases of crypto weren’t very clear yet. But now with the use case of NFT & Defi, it drove a lot of new users into, however, the wallet wasn’t designed with those use cases in mind. You can’t easily see all tokens you have unless you add it, you can’t see the NFT you got, you can’t easily stake, receive information from different Defi protocols, etc.

Where does the growth come from?

  • Growth of the Solana network itself
  • Growth of NFT & Defi users who are underserved

Where more growth can come from?

  • Double down on a better experience for Defi & NFT
    • Notifications from Defi protocol
    • NFT management (replace spreadsheets people have)
  • DAO related use cases
  • P2P social trading
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