BΞB is for Private Professional Groups
A preview of the new redesign
A preview of the new redesign

With the new redesign of BΞB today, we now have an emphasis on private professional groups rather than only focusing on professional networking, gated by different soulbound NFTs. We’re betting on private groups because we know people are much more comfortable sharing their personal opinions in private settings. We also know there are a diverse set of web3 people ranging from artists, investors, founders and more, and we want BΞB to serve everyone. The private beta group we are launching today is going to be broad, and we’re letting mostly everyone who was on our waitlist in with a beta soulbound NFT. From there, you can apply to the alpha group and the other groups we are introducing soon. We are also excited about rolling out attestations for our future groups, so even a freshly-created pseudonym can participate in an e.g. angel investor or engineer group.

Make sure to join our waitlist if you haven’t already!

~ jcdenton.eth, duclare.eth

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