Private NFT Communities

Our mission at BΞB has been to connect people around a shared interest, and there’s no better way forward than to open up BΞB with private NFT communities. We started with private soulbound communities, and we are now dynamically generating communities around select NFT collections, starting with NF.TD, BlockChainSmokers, and Token Garden. We’re starting small to make sure each community we add to BΞB has alignment with our existing communities. If you want to talk about adding your NFT community to BΞB, please DM us at our Twitter!

Anyone who owns an NF.TD, BlockChainSmokers, or a Token Garden NFT can now also use BΞB even if they never had our soulbound NFT. If you end up selling all your NFTs in one of these collections, you’ll lose access to the respective private community.

We also deployed a public token page of the holders of NF.TD, BlockChainSmokers, and Token Garden (check the links)!

We have more features on the way that will continue building BΞB along our communities direction. 🏗️🏗️🏗️

~ jcdenton.eth & duclare.eth

Update (April 30): Added Token Garden

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