BΞB Communities

Communities today are siloed in rent-extracting platforms such as Discord, Patreon, Facebook Groups, and Reddit. The operators of a web2 community have no ownership rights, as they are tenants to a landlord who’s only incentive is to extract maximum profit from their communities users. Community migration is practically impossible in the web2 model, which is why we are building a community protocol to change this, making communities portable across web3 social networks.

To make these communities truly be web3 property, we are building an ERC-721 compatible BΞB NFT Community. A BΞB NFT Community represents your communities name ([name].beb), moderators, membership, roles, and more. We already have the registrar implemented and are actively testing NFC integration into our product-driven BΞB protocol client.

We’ve opened a genesis minting waitlist for our allowlist once we’re ready for mainnet. In the meantime, we’ll be building 🏗️🏗️🏗️

~ jcdenton.eth & duclare.eth

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