Invite-only soulbound NFTs for private professional groups

We believe professional networking can greatly be improved on web3, so we are announcing three new invite-only free BΞB soulbound NFTs for our private professional groups on! The criteria is the following:

  • Angels@BΞB
    • For accredited web3 investors with at least 10 startup investments
  • Founders@BΞB
    • For web3 startup founders with VC fundraising or a launched product
  • Devs@BΞB
    • For developers focused on web3 with 2+ years of engineering experience
  • Insiders@BΞB
    • Referred by an existing member of Insiders@BΞB
  • Playground
    • A group for the power users of web3

Want to apply for your soulbound NFT? The link is here!

FYI: We’re keeping our private groups small to ensure a high quality social network. We have a Playground access token for members who wants to try out

~ jcdenton.eth, duclare.eth
Founders @, miy capital


What are BΞB private professional groups?

We believed from the beginning that professional networking can be anonymous yet high-quality. The private groups are places for authentic discussions between members of similar backgrounds.

What is the application process?

Since we are in early beta, the team behind BΞB will review each application and referral manually.

What are the acceptance criteria?

Some attestations are undeniably subjective, hence why we are transparent in providing quantifiable criteria when possible. We believe exchanging higher-quality discussions for centralization is a fair tradeoff at this stage. In the future, to gradually decentralize the application process, we’ll introduce a BΞB DAO that will vote on the formation of independent committees, each responsible for reviewing and granting its soulbound NFTs.

How long is review process?

The applications are reviewed within a few days. If accepted, you will receive an airdropped NFT. Then, you can log into, and access the corresponding group.

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