Indestructible Communities

NFT communities are fragile in todays world: they can be delisted from OpenSea, removed from Discord and Reddit, and censored by web3 data APIs. Every community today hosted in web2 environments is under the thumb of an employee following an internal guideline.

We’ve decided to host a community on BΞB with heavy alignment, CryptoPhunks, which has been previously delisted from OpenSea 3 times (and recently verified). Hosting them is an ideal test of a web3 social platform on the mission of creating a decentralized community protocol. In some sense, this is our chaos monkey that will ensure our infrastructure supports multiple ingestion sources for NFT data, not relying on a centralized API such as OpenSea. We want a vibrate set of communities the day we allow mints of any NFT communities.

We’re excited for web3 social, we want to align with communities who truly care about decentralization. Check them out at, and our other communities such as and

~ jcdenton.eth & duclare.eth

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