Getting your Web3 Social App approved by Apple

Ah, the dreaded Apple review. Let’s go over the common reasons why Apple will reject your web3 social app.

Not using an organization account

Apple believes that touching a wallet means you are a financial app, which leads to them requiring you to be an organization. There’s no way around this, even if you are just signing messages.

Restricting your app using NFTs (token gating)

If any of your app functionality is restricted by NFTs, they will ask you to offer in-app purchases. Yes, that means if your core product is token gating for Bored Apes, you will need to do a $100k in-app purchase. There’s no way around this except making your app work without NFTs. Alternatively, all your NFTs need to be cheap and mintable with IAPs.

Not having Content Moderation

If you have user-generated content, Apple will require you to have content blocking, reporting, and moderation. This means you have to be like a web2 social app.

Referencing another company on sign-in

If you mention another company in your sign-in, Apple will require you to support “sign-in with Apple”. It’s best to only have email and wallets as your sign-in options.

No Account Deletion

Apple requires account deletion starting June 30th, which means you need to support easily deleting all user-content with the press of a button. They will not accept “email us to delete your account”, unless you argue legal reasons why (e.g. financial institution).


Hope these tips help on your journey to Apple’s App Store!

Also, check out our web3 social protocol, BEB Domains, that fought for these lessons :)

~ jcdenton.eth

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