Provide one-click liquidity to JediSwap from any chain, powered by Wido

Since its inception, the JediSwap community has been on a mission to bring DeFi to everyone. We came to the realization that a seamless user experience was necessary to reach more users and encourage them to try permissionless products. That was one of the reasons why we chose Starknet as our home to build one of the best-decentralized exchanges. Starknet's features have empowered us to establish a user-friendly interface for seamless user interaction.

For example, thanks to the capabilities of Account Abstraction, we were able to create a feature that enables any user to swap any single token into any JediSwap LP position with just one Starknet transaction. We named this feature 'ZAP' and it rapidly became one of the most appreciated and utilized features among our users.

Old version of ZAP
Old version of ZAP

Tens of thousands of users have embraced the ZAP feature, demonstrating the significant impact a user-friendly experience can have in the realm of DeFi products. Yet, up until this point, the Zap feature exclusively operated within the realm of Starknet. Users were required to possess the initial token on Starknet to initiate its conversion into an LP position also on Starknet.

And now, we are taking the ZAP feature one step further through our partnership with Wido. Wido serves as a cross-chain API, facilitating activities such as staking, depositing into Vaults, participating in LP pools, and handling non-liquid tokens within the DeFi ecosystem. With the help of Wid

You can now add liquidity to any JediSwap pool using any token on Ethereum or Starknet in a single click

Try out zap at

New version of ZAP
New version of ZAP

This feature enables users to onboard onto JediSwap in the simplest manner. Currently, it’s possible to zap tokens exclusively from Starknet and Ethereum, but we already have plans to extend this functionality to more chains, allowing users to onboard onto JediSwap from any EVM chain with just a single click.

We believe that Wido unlocks new dimensions for user onboarding to dApps. In addition, it is our hope that this collaboration will inspire more teams to simplify their onboarding experience.

At JediSwap, we remain committed to our mission of making DeFi accessible to everyone. We will keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible, fostering collaboration across the crypto space and ultimately enriching the user experience for all of us.

JediSwap is a 100% community-driven, fully permissionless and composable AMM on Starknet. JediSwap enables lightning-fast, near-gasless exchange of assets in a trustless manner.

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