JediSwap Roadmap: What’s on the horizon for Jedis

JediSwap started with a mission of making Decentralized Finance (DeFi) accessible to everyone. We made a big leap forward towards our mission in Dec '22 by launching JediSwap AMM on Starknet mainnet. From the start, we believed that the best way to achieve this mission is to educate users about web3 and make them part of the building journey. As a result, JediSwap has been 100% community-led and operated from day one. To learn more about where we come from, check out our blog post about the origins of JediSwap.

JediSwap contributors identified key objectives and tools we need to implement to help DeFi reach the masses. And today, we are excited to announce the JediSwap roadmap for the upcoming months.


Launch of JediSwap V2 - Q3’23

Our flagship update, JediSwap V2, will feature a concentrated liquidity system similar to Uniswap V3. This will allow liquidity providers to concentrate their liquidity within a specific price range, enabling more efficient capital allocation, lower slippage, and ultimately lower transaction costs for traders. Our public testnet will launch in a few weeks, allowing us to gather feedback and refine our platform before the full launch.

Release of an evolved ZAP Function with cross-chain functionality - Q2’23

We are partnering with Wido to bring you an evolved version of our ZAP function. This will allow users to add liquidity to any JediSwap pool from any asset on any EVM chain in a single click, making it more convenient and cost-effective. For example, in one transaction, a user can send $100 MATIC from the Polygon chain, which will be converted into the ETH-USDC LP tokens on JediSwap.

Contributor NFTs - Q3’23

We are introducing NFTs for JediSwap Contributors to highlight their contributions to JediSwap on-chain. These NFTs will be based on contributors’ work around different JediSwap guilds and used to further reward their effort by unlocking benefits in the future. In addition to these NFTs, we will launch a contributor profile dashboard showing you all the contributor NFTs you hold and your ranks among other contributors. Here is a little sneak peek.

Contributor profile
Contributor profile

Enabling seedless in-app wallet - Q3’23

We are working with our frens at Argent, the most popular wallet on Starknet, to integrate their new feature in JediSwap, enabling users to create an account with just an email address. Thanks to account abstraction, users won't need to install a browser plugin or work with seed phrases, making it more convenient to use JediSwap. Learn more from this short explainer video!

Router optimization using multiple path and order splitting - Q4’23

JediSwap will launch a smart router to allow users to get better swap prices to get maximum output tokens. This will help optimize trades and provide more value to our users. By leveraging the computational power of Starknet, we can execute the orders with advanced algorithms to the best possible swap prices. For example, if a user wants to trade $100 worth of ETH into USDC, the optimal outcome could cover multiple routes, such as $50 through ETH→USDC and $50 through ETH→USDT→USDC. The possibility to split orders into different swaps through different routes ensures that the user will always get the best possible price.

Responsive Web App - Q3’23

We recognize the importance of mobile devices as a primary means of accessing the internet and the growth of mobile usage in the DeFi space. As such, we will optimize our web app for mobile devices, providing a more seamless and intuitive user experience.

DeFi Pooling - Q4’23

Multiple DeFi platforms on L1 have become too expensive for retail users to use because of the L1 gas costs. For example, if a user wants to participate in a liquid staking pool to stake their ETH, the gas cost will be 10s to 100s of dollars. These opportunities might not make sense for regular users who don’t play around with tens of thousands of dollars. With DeFi pooling, multiple users could pool funds on an L2 and deposit these to an L1 as a batched transaction, bringing the gas cost down by up to 100x for each user.

Launch of Index product: Q1’24

We will introduce a new product allowing users to create or invest in a basket of tokens in a single transaction. It will make it easier for users to invest in a diversified portfolio without losing custody of their funds.


As we continue to innovate and improve JediSwap, we remain committed to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for all our users. JediSwap community thanks you for Your continued support and feedback, and we look forward to bringing you the bright future of DeFi.

JediSwap is a fully permissionless and composable AMM on Starknet to enable lightning-fast, near-gasless exchange of assets in a trustless manner.

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