What is Mesh Finance, and how can you contribute to JediSwap?

What is Mesh Finance, and how can you contribute to JediSwap?

Mesh Finance and its Community-Driven Focus

In our last blog, we shared the origins of Mesh Finance and how, from day1, JediSwap has been a community-led project.

Mesh Finance is a community-driven organization working toward a fair, decentralized, and transparent future. Mesh community believes in the core ethos of transparency and decentralization above everything else. Decentralized communities that build in public best preserve these features. JediSwap is the first product of Mesh Finance.

To learn more about the origins of JediSwap, read our previous blog.

With this vision in mind, Mesh intentionally designed the community structure to be bottom-up, egalitarian, and contributor centered. We have no central team, simply a rule-based system that encourages and incentivizes community members to contribute in their best ways.

Mesh Contribution Rewards

At Mesh, each contribution from a community member receives rewards in the form of mesh points. These points are currently tracked off-chain, and we are working on ways to bring them on-chain in the upcoming months.

Mesh points will ultimately be distributed in the form of Mesh NFTs. These NFTs will entitle holders to future rewards from Mesh ecosystem projects, including possible future token allocations.

Mesh reward points are given for all levels of contribution. Mesh wants to encourage contributors of all skill and experience levels to contribute in the best way possible.

Naturally, contributions that require more skill or experience, such as coding smart contracts in Cairo, writing high-profile blog posts, or creating high-quality videos, will be awarded higher points.

How to start

  • When you are ready to start your journey as a Mesh Contributor, jump into the “introduce yourself” channel on our Discord server. Here you can briefly introduce yourself and share your interests, skills, talents, or experiences you think may be helpful to the community.

  • A community manager will reach out to you with potential roles that may fit your particular skill set. You can then work with your community manager to narrow down the roles that help you contribute in the best way.

  • After that, the guild leader will notify you of potential assignments, and you can select the ones that best fit your interests, skills, and time availability. Below are descriptions of different roles and guilds

Roles and Guilds

Each guild has Guild Leaders who organize the tasks and create assignments.

Contributors are actively coordinating with Guild Leaders to select and accept assignments. After initial submissions, Guild Leaders provide feedback through suggestions and modifications to finalize the work and assign points after the submission.

Guild and Role Descriptions

Community Managers

People who can actively help and engage with others on Discord create a friendly environment full of good vibes. Some traits of a good community manager are being calm, cheerful, and genuinely helpful.

Force Wielders

Fit for people who can spread awareness about Mesh products to the rest of the ecosystem. It is perfect for people who like to create content on Twitter, Youtube, or other platforms.


Fit for people who can help to write public docs, Twitter threads, or blog posts for the official Mesh channels. Besides writing content about JediSwap, one of the most important responsibilities of the writing guild is to create educational content, to help people learn about Web3. People who like to study Web3 concepts in depth also end up being good writers.


For people who like to make their impact on web3 using their coding skills, be it writing front-end using React, smart contracts using Cairo, or building useful bots using Python.

Problem Solvers

Fit for generalists, thinkers, team players, and responsible and accountable people. Problem areas include Protocol Growth, DAO building, Process design, etc.


Fit for community members who can create UI or UX designs, illustrations, emojis, stickers, marketing materials, animation videos, or creative memes.

Advancement opportunities and promotions

Contributors are also able to advance within specific guilds.

After being onboarded to a specific guild, contributors are given the padawan (Contributor) role.

If padawans make sufficient progress and meet certain performance indicators, Guild leaders promote them to the Jedi Knight role (Core Contributors).

If a Jedi Knight (core contributor) continues to meet certain key performance indicators and demonstrates leadership, they are promoted to the community's highest honor of Master (Guild Leader).


Ultimately, Mesh hopes to engage as many community members as possible to become contributors. As the community grows, so does the protocol, and by working together, we can lead the protocol to success. In addition, this allows our entire community to reap the rewards of Mesh’s success together.

We are honored to share this success with you and look forward to building the Mesh community together!

JediSwap is a fully permissionless and composable AMM on StarkNet. Using JediSwap, you can swap assets instantaneously with near-zero gas fees in a trustless manner.

Stay tuned for our blog updates, as in future editions, we will cover the following topics:

  • What made us build on StarkNet?

  • What’s on the horizon for Jedis?

For any immediate questions or requests, feel free to reach out to our team in Discord.

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