Geth-Lodestar node with checkpoint sync
October 25th, 2022

This is a quick run through of how to set up an Ethereum node using the execution client, Geth and the consensus client, Lodestar. The node will connect to the Sepolia testnet, but the instructions are easily adapted for Goerli or Ethereum Mainnet. This page will not include a validator, but this can easily be added by following the instructions in the Lodestar documentation. Both clients will be built from source.

git clone


./geth --sepolia --datadir sepoliadata --authrpc.addr localhost --authrpc.port 8551 --authrpc.vhosts localhost --authrpc.jwtsecret sepoliadata/jwtsecret --http --http.api eth,net


./lodestar beacon --network sepolia --dataDir sepoliadata --jwt-secret ~/go-ethereum/sepoliadata/jwtsecret --eth1.providerUrls http://localhost:8551 --checkpointSyncUrl --rest --rest.address
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