Radius Grants Recap - July & August 2022

In the last two months, the Radius team has been heads down, focused on company-building and research/experimentation to inform the next version of the Radius product. Meanwhile, the ecosystems supported by Radius have continued to thrive!

Several grants made significant progress in July and August 2022. We summarize some of those grant highlights in this post.

  • Completed grants

  • Completed milestones

  • Conclusion and thanks!

🏆 Completed grants

Between July-August 2022, five grants were fully shipped!

  • Engineering plan for blockchain state on IPFS/Filecoin: Two grantee teams (Ketan and Vulcanize) worked on this project, which began in March 2022, and successfully submitted their final milestones! We’ll be publishing more info about the results of this grant project soon!

  • Uptime and churn of IPFS network nodes: Dennis Trautwein was the grantee working on this grant, and successfully completed this project! When reviewing Dennis’ work, the funder mentioned: “Dennis is vision aligned, very enthusiastic, and a very capable implementor that is [detail-oriented]. He gets the job done on time, cares for documentation and is a great individual to work with!” Great work, Dennis. 👏

  • Location of IPFS end users and requested content: João Leitão was the grantee on this grant as one of the IPFS Requests for Measurement series of grants!

  • IPFS Provider Record Liveness: cortze represented a team from Barcelona Supercomputing Center on this project. The funder left this review: “[This team] has a lot of interest and experience in Web3 tech, along with [a] deep understanding of the IPFS stack. [They] had great passion for the topic/area and wanted to dive deeper into the details as results started coming out. In their work, they paid lots of attention to detail and interfacing with the community to discuss the project. Great work overall! I would happily work with them again in other projects we have lined up.” Nailed it!

  • Logo designs for Filecoin API service chain.love: There were several amazing grantees working on this project, and ultimately Chocolona and Peter were both selected as grant winners. Congratulations!

🎉 Completed milestones

A couple of grants also saw milestones completed during this time period:

  • Dedicated PB-scale client onboarding: Irene completed a proof of concept for milestone 1, which included onboarding a small portion (<10 TiB) of the client dataset onto Filecoin and testing a workflow with this stored data!

  • Storage provider discovery platform: Laura and the FileDrive team delivered the product for milestone 2 of this grant by delivering a functional product that can be used to discover storage providers in the Filecoin network. Up next: getting to significant traction and adoption of the product!

  • New node software for large-scale clients with PB-scale data onboarding: The team of XinAn and Fei Yan completed milestone 2 for this grant! This milestone involved shipping a set of tools with complete functionality to aid in onboarding PB-scale client data to the Filecoin network! The next milestone will include end to end user testing of the product and full documentation.

🙏 Conclusion and thanks!

Thank you to all of the grantees, grant funders, and ecosystems that are part of the Radius network. Onward!

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