Introducing Teams on Radius

As the Radius community has grown these last several months, we’ve observed an important trend emerge with how people engage with the product.

People work in teams. Grant authors tend to represent subgroups within their organization. As a result, they collaborate with others inside and outside of their organization to finalize project descriptions and decide who would be a great fit for their published grants. Interestingly, builders working on Radius grants also often represent teams. These builder teams can be incorporated companies, but they can also be (and many times, are) informal squads of people who band together as needed to work on new projects.

We realized that we needed a way to natively represent these funder and builder teams in the product. Funders needed a way to collaborate with their colleagues on making great project decisions and builders needed ways to seamlessly share in the financial and reputational rewards associated with working on Radius grants with their teammates.

That’s why we decided to build Teams on Radius. And today, we’re excited to roll out the first set of Team features to the Radius community.

Teams on Radius

The first phase of our Teams feature rollout includes the ability to create and manage funder Teams on Radius directly. A funder is an entity that is interested in finding teams to build out important product/project ideas, and is able to fund these ideas with financial capital.

Once a funder team is created, you can add team members by their Radius username, set their role permissions for your team, and adjust team settings such as team name, bio, logo, and URL.

If you’re a member on a team, you can see grants created by other team members and help make approval decisions on applications and milestone submissions for grants that one of your teammates (not you) authored.

Manage grants from all your teams, all in one place.
Manage grants from all your teams, all in one place.

When creating a grant, you can select which Team is funding the grant.

Select which of your teams is funding this grant
Select which of your teams is funding this grant

We’re rolling out this initial foundation for Radius Teams today, with many more additional Teams-related features coming soon, including:

  • Builder teams -- Build with your squad and have your team’s projects show up on your Radius profile!

  • Funder teams review functionality -- Share notes with your teammates to collaborate on making application review decisions

  • Opening up funder team creation flows so anyone can create a funder team

  • Share/collaborate on grants with others outside your team -- Provide one-off access to other collaborators even if they’re not part of your team, but are collaborating with you on a particular project

  • Additional team-specific settings, such as shared team wallets, contracts, reward splits, and more!

We’re excited to see the first teams come online on Radius, and to see what you all do with your teams! If you want to discuss more about Teams, Radius, or the future of work, come find us on Discord.

Onward! 🚀

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