Introducing Radius

Hello, world.

Today, we are extremely excited to announce the launch of Radius. Radius is a decentralized network that connects talented individuals and teams with the best projects in web3. We’ve been around for a couple of months in super MVP mode (fka, iterating on the short-term plan toward our long-term mission and vision. Our launch today marks the beginning of many exciting releases for our growing community. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on. 🥁

Radius’ mission is to onboard the next billion workers into web3. Our hope is that we can address the talent crunch in web3, build the infrastructure for web3 ecosystems to scale to hundreds of millions of people, and provide billions of people with unparalleled freedom, autonomy, and fulfillment.

The Radius approach rests on four pillars:

  1. Attract workers into web3 and the Radius ecosystem
  2. Train workers to be effective with web3 work opportunities
  3. Match workers to work opportunities within web3 ecosystems
  4. Support workers and funders to achieve successful project results
The four pillars of the Radius approach
The four pillars of the Radius approach

With today’s launch, anyone can now access the following:

  • 💻 Radius product: The Radius product is an application where workers who are looking for work in web3 can sign up, create a profile, and apply to projects, and funders in web3 ecosystems can post high-impact projects that need talent. If you are someone who is looking for work in web3, sign up today! If you’re a funder who is looking for talented individuals to join your ecosystem, fill out this form and we’ll follow up to see how Radius can best support your goals.
  • 📖Community home: The Radius community has a home on Notion, where you can find our community events calendar, announcements, and quick links to Radius resources. Bookmark it today.
  • 👪 Discord community: The Radius Discord will be the place to go to meet other community members, learn about the latest, meet potential teammates, and more. Join the Discord here.
  • 📚 Radius content library: We know that web3 can feel inaccessible to the uninitiated. We are developing asynchronously consumable content that encompasses topics such as the fundamentals of web3, how to be a <insert role type here> in web3, ecosystem-specific onboarding content (e.g. working in Ethereum, Solana, IPFS, Filecoin, etc. ecosystems), and more. The library is a work in progress, but we’re releasing an alpha version today. You can see the latest here.
  • 🏛 Fellowship program: We know that some individuals prefer learning in more structured environments, and some may be more serious than others about getting their web3 career started as soon as possible! We are designing a cohort-based fellowship program for those that want a more intensive experience to get the best start to their web3 careers (or level up, if you’re already in web3).  You can apply to join the Fellowship here. Our first cohort will start in summer 2022.
  • ✨ And much more to announce soon! We’re actively working on other projects, including new protocols, new product features, original content, and more. Follow us on Twitter @joinradius to hear of the latest!

With a mission like ours, it’s impossible and antithetical to do it alone. We are so grateful to be launching Radius with some of the most ambitious and inspiring ecosystems in web3. Stay tuned for more projects from each of these and other ecosystems we’ll be announcing soon.

Early Radius ecosystem partners
Early Radius ecosystem partners

And one more thing: Radius is the first of many projects by Tephra Labs, an organization that is focused on enabling large-scale human coordination to address humanity’s most important challenges and opportunities. You can learn more about Tephra Labs here. We are looking for more teammates and contributors! If any of what we’re doing at Radius or Tephra Labs speaks to you, consider joining us.

That’s all for now. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped get Radius to this moment, and thank you in advance to those who will join us in this movement in the months and years to come. 💜


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