Announcing the Radius Speaker Series

We’re thrilled to announce the first installment of the Radius Speaker Series. With this series, we aim to celebrate some of the exceptional individuals that make this space what it is. In our interviews with each speaker, we explore their early beginnings, their journey to where they are now, some of the insights they gleaned along the way, and any advice they would share for those who are beginning their own careers in web3.

Our first guest for the speaker series is Molly Mackinlay. Molly leads core Protocol, Product, and Research Development at Protocol Labs. Her work leading the Protocol Labs Engineering & Research team includes stewarding protocol design and development for the IPFS Project (including building new developer on-ramps and scalable content routing tools), the Filecoin Network (including the lotus implementation and major new breakthroughs like the Filecoin Virtual Machine), and libp2p implementations used by many other blockchains like Ethereum2 + Polkadot. Molly also created PL Launchpad, a new six-week, full-time onboarding program designed to train, develop, and match technical talent at scale with opportunities in web3 across the Protocol Labs Network (PLN).

This chat was a special one. Molly is a close friend of the Radius project, and one of our dear supporters. We covered many topics such as Molly’s childhood aspirations, her passion for human-computer interaction, how her time as a Product Manager at Google has been helpful in her web3 career, leadership lessons she has learned and currently embodies, her vision for the future, book recommendations, and more. 

Watch our first Speaker Series chat with Molly below.

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