Radius Product Update - May 27, 2022

Welcome to our very first Radius product update! These updates will contain the latest changes to the Radius product and protocol experience. If you’re joining us for the first time, you can try Radius at radius.space. Let’s jump in.

🏎 Summary

This week, we publicly announced the Radius product for the first time. The Radius product today enables workers and funders to sign up, build their profiles, post/explore/apply to grants, manage ongoing work submissions, and keep track of required payments.

As part of this soft launch, we updated to the Radius brand (replacing the early MVP brand of DGM, or Decentralized Grants Marketplace), updated the authentication scheme for the product, introduced profile features, revamped the Radius account management features, and addressed many smaller features and bugs.

✨ Feature Updates

Over the last 2 weeks, we shipped:

  • Updated authentication scheme: Formerly, the Radius product asked users to connect their wallets to access the product. We decided to move away from MetaMask wallet connect as the primary sign-in, and instead have GitHub or email as the primary authentication method, with wallet connect being a subsequent step (to be implemented). We want to lay the foundation so that Radius can enable first-class wallet/financial support for different ecosystems down the road, not just the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Initial account setup: When you log in to the Radius product, you are now asked to complete an initial set of questions to set up your username/email, join Discord, and indicate your work preferences (if you’re looking for work in the Radius ecosystem).
  • Account management: We also released a totally revamped look for the user profile and account management. Our new account management navigation enables richer functionality for users to curate their public presence (including their public portfolio) and manage their Radius work. We plan to introduce more account management features over the next few weeks.
  • Public profile: Radius users now have a public profile that they can share with anyone. The public profile includes some of your work preferences (if indicated) as well as your active grants. More features coming here soon. If you are a Radius user, you can check out your profile at https://app.radius.space/profile/YOUR_USERNAME 🖼
  • Radius brand: We are super excited for our new Radius brand. The Radius name and brand aim to celebrate the powerful individuals of web3 and beyond. And it’s just fun! Our brand update includes a new brand name, logo, colors, typeface, marketing site, about page, visuals, video, social media presence, and more. Let us know what you think in Discord!

💜 Thank you

🎉 Stats

In the last month…

  • 94 merged PRs
  • 105 closed issues
  • 8 authors with 256 commits to main
  • 6,714 additions and 3,125 deletions

👏 Thanks

We want to give a huge thank you to the many amazing contributors that contributed to these Radius product changes. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! 🙏

  • @Codigo-Fuentes
  • @Johnrobmiller
  • @funkytek
  • @yocontra
  • @PBillingsby
  • @green-knight
  • @triham
  • @yocontra
  • @jsdevel
  • @dweberdev
  • @JeffLowe
  • @greatjobnat
  • @jma
  • @isa-belch

Onward! 🚀

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