ETHDenver 2022 Highlights

Talks are listed in alphabetical order by title

A Rollup Vision for Ethereum: Zk vs Optimistic

Panel | Link (29:41)

A panel of rollup founders discuss the nuances of different approaches to scaling Ethereum on layer 2.

A Tale of Two Wallets: Fighting the World of Closed Source Software with Tally

Carolyn Reckhow | Thesis | Link (20:15)

In response to Metamask’s complacency, capitalistic practices, and placing a restrictive license on their open-source code, Tally is introducing a truly decentralized, MIT licensed wallet governed and owned by the community.

Andrew Yang Q&A

Andrew Yang | Businessman | Link (32:02)

David Hoffman interviews Andrew Yang about his general thoughts on the cryptocurrency/blockchain landscape.

Build the Future of Web 3 - Faster and Easier New Tools and New Features

Marc Mercuri | ConsenSys | Link (17:58)

Marc demoes a new Trufflesuite extension for VSCode to improve the speed and experience of Web3 development.

Building an NFT API with The Graph

Nader Dabit | The Graph | Link (20:57)

Nader explains the significance of having an indexing layer for querying chain data and demoes how to make your own subgraph.

Crypto is Here to Set You Free

David Hoffman | Bankless | Link (19:21)

David claims that DeFi is a new primitive that brings monetary value from platforms to its users rather than the other way around.

Decentralizing Front-ends Now: Skynet, Homescreen, and More Secure dApps

Daniel Helm | Skynet | Link (16:28)

Skynet sets out to upend the centralization of front-ends and file storage with a decentralized solution.

EVM-to-EVM Chain Bridges: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Martin Derka | Quantstamp | Link (18:49)

Martin breaks down some of the methods that were used to hack chain bridges in 2021.

From PGAs to 1559 to ETH2 — How Everything (and Nothing) Changes With Gas Fees

Matt Culler | Blocknative | Link (19:24)

Matt explains the history of Ethereum’s gas fee structure and how it may be affected by the merge to proof-of-stake.

Governance is Messy

jl2fa | SZNS | Link (14:30)

jl2fa talks about the challenges and tradeoffs of organizing as a DAO.

Introduction to Polkadot and Substrate

Emre Surmeli | Polkadot | Link (19:41)

Emre gives a general overview of Polkadot’s value proposition.


Bryan Pellegrino | LayerZero | Link (17:33)

Bryan rifts on the issues and challenges with cross chain communication.

MEV: Navigating The Dark Forest

Omer Arie Goldberg | Chaos Labs | Link (17:34)

Omer explains MEV, the types of attacks, and brings awareness to the potential risks of being a victim.

Money Streaming 101 Working with Programmable Cashflows

Samuel Flamini and Francesco Renzi | Superfluid | Link (14:58)

Superfluid leverages blockchain technology to allow for permissionless transfer of value over time.

Navigating Remix in the Rockies!

Robert Stupay | Ethereum Foundation | Link (12:33)

Rob presents basic and new features of the Remix browser IDE.

No Code DAO Proposals

Dave Rusyniak | Tally | Link (19:21)

Tally is releasing tools to help people safely organize DAOs regardless of their technical prowess.

Optimistic Rollups, 2 Years In

Benjamin Jones | Optimism | Link (17:44)

Benjamin discusses the the past, present, and future of optimistic rollup.

RAI: The First Stablecoin

Bert Kellerman | Reflexer Labs | Link (15:59)

RAI, a fork of DAI, is an unpegged and decentralized stablecoin meant to address the issues with pegged, decentralized stablecoins.

Secure Off-Chain Data Availability for Rollups

John Adler | Celestia Labs | Link (19:16)

Celestia Labs is building the first modular blockchain network.

SSO for Web3: Login with Unstoppable

Roman Aleksandrenko | Unstoppable Domains | Link (10:01)

Roman explains how Web3 will unlock the power for users to have a universal login, granular data permissioning, and better privacy.

Steps to the Digital State & Open Mic AMA

Vitalik Buterin | Ethereum Foundation | Link (1:02:00)

Vitalik outlines his vision of how blockchain can change the way that humans organize.

The Case for Hierarchy in DAOs

Joseph Delong | Astaria | Link (16:58)

Joe challenges the notion that DAO’s need to be structureless and leaderless.

The First Digital State

Jared Polis | Governor of Colorado | Link (13:24)

The governor speaks about the Colorado’s efforts to embrace cryptocurrency.

The Off Chain Internet: Decentralized Identity & Verifiable Credentials

Evin McMullen | disco | Link (11:56)

Evin lists several issues with how NFTs are being leveraged for identity and how these issues can be addressed seamlessly with a new W3C standard.

The Proper Treatment of Randomness

Martin Derka | Quantstamp | Link (20:21)

Martin discusses the importance and challenges of achieving true randomness on the blockchain.

The Revolution Will Not be Reported Quarterly

Fredrik Haga | Dune Analytics | Link (14:38)

Data on the blockchain is transparent and available in real-time unlike traditional public company’s data which is typically available once every three months.

Top Secret

pplpleasr | PleasrDAO | Link (18:28)

pplpleasr announces a new NFT based project.

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