Week 15: The Web3 Experience
August 16th, 2022

WEEK 15 The Web3 Experience SHOW NOTES:

2:40: Explainer: @VelodromeFi Rewards System

6:55: Tornado Cash Ban

15:55: OptiChads rare traits per the founders of @OptiChads

24:35: OptiChads and @apetimism collaboration

28:10: @OptiPunk sells for .8 ETH

32:35: Optichads future plans 41:50: Potential price catalysts for NFTs on @optimismFND

53:30: Apps mixing Defi & NFTs: @callyfinance, @puttyfi, @backed_xyz

58:45: How to get @SlingshotCrypto $OP rewards (ends 8/21/2022) & @StargateFinance rewards

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