Getting Started In Crypto

Crypto-curious but not sure what it is or were to get started?

No problem, as I was in the same place not too long ago and understand it can be overwhelming so I have compiled some of the best content out there to get you started.

I hand picked the below content I found most helpful when first starting out in crypto. It is meant to give you the broadest perspective of crypto from multiple, diverse, perspectives:

  • Cultural & historical significance: The Crypto Renaissance
  • Opportunity in crypto laid out from a purely macro economic investors thesis
  • A mental model to help us understand what crypto actually is and where its going
  • Facing the frontier: Crypto is the new frontier much like the internet used to be (SPOILER ALERT: Crypto is growing twice as fast as the internet ever did)

1. The macro opportunity - Historic & Cultural significance (History buffs will LOVE this):

I still remember the exact day I listened to this podcast because although I was already bought into the technology powering crypto, Josh brought it full circle and showed me the inevitability of crypto through a historical and cultural lens. Nothing technical here, just a historian walking through his crypto Renaissance thesis.

Expert’s Credentials: PhD in late medieval / early modern European history and has lectured at Harvard and MIT - no big deal

2. The macro opportunity - From a global macro Investor and former Goldman Sachs Executive:

Raoul takes you through how he arrived at his macro thesis regarding the potential for the entire crypto space then focuses in on why he has identified Ethereum specifically for having the greatest potential in the space.

Expert’s Credentials: Former Goldman Sacs Executive, ex hedge fund manager, and co-founder of Real Vision (media company focused on democratizing access to financial knowledge)

3. Chris helps you build a mental model to understand this technology powering crypto as well as all the current and potential use cases

Chris Dixon is one of the best in the space at developing mental models anyone can leverage to understand this complex space as a whole. Chris focuses in or real world applications running on top of Ethereum today to ground our understanding. Then draws comparisons to prior nascent technologies like the I-phone and the internet to think through how this technology may come into its own.

4. Finally lets get some courage to face the frontier

Jim was around during the early days of the internet when that was previously the frontier. The TL/DR here is that he sees similar themes playing out now as he did back then.

This one really resonated with me as he described two camps in the early days of the internet which exist today in crypto:

  1. The short term rampant speculators who are trying to get filthy rich in as short a period as possible.
  2. The builders and educators in the space with strong conviction and ideology trying to build something real for the future

The through line here is that the builders are in direct conflict with the speculators and vice versa as they fundamentally what different things

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