July 31st, 2022

I’ve become increasingly obsessed with the primitives surrounding Web3. As someone with a builders mindset, I see the endless potential of blockchain as the infrastructural tech for the next wave of internet innovation (probably through rosy lenses). But for most of the population, there is still a great deal of education and validation outstanding. Sadly, credibility is seriously lacking in a space where rug pulls and scams are daily companions.

This calls for a necessity to simplify Web3 entry points to their core. As builders, our goal should be to 1. Increase fresh user inflow and 2. Sustain ongoing participation in this space. Our role as ‘degens’ is not to thwart curious minds from joining our quest of shifting value away from big tech and towards independent creators. On the contrary, our role is to make Web3 more approachable so we can earn the trust of newcomers at scale.

It’s time to lower the barriers of entry.

This might just be how.

July 10th, 2022

Imagine a controlled business model that didn’t rely on the endless acquisition of new customers. A business model, where healthy amounts of recurring revenue can be generated for business, stakeholders, and even customers. A model like this is antithetical to hypergrowth.

But why do we need it? And how could it work?