Why We're Building The Creator-Driven Metaverse

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This post was originally published on June 30, 2022 on the Mona Blog. I’m cross-posting it here to publish it to the blockchain and test out Mirror’s capabilities. It is amazing how fast a year can go by. We’ve been making incredible progress since our raise. Be sure to subscribe in order to stay up to date as I publish updates here more regularly.

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I am thrilled to share that Mona has accomplished a major milestone in our mission to build a more open metaverse. We announced today that we’ve raised nearly $15 million from industry leaders and investors in our Series A round, including our lead investors Protocol Labs, Archetype, and Collab+Currency who have believed in us every step of the way. They, along with other incredible investors including Placeholder, Rogue Capital, the VR Fund, Synergis, a_capital, SV Angel, Palm Tree Crypto, OpenSea Ventures, Polygon Studios, ConsenSys Mesh, Fourth Revolution Capital, LongHash VC,  Taavet+Sten, Big Brain Holdings, Everyrealm, Ready Player DAO, POAP Ventures, Gaingels, The Grey Trust, and angel investors gmoney, Rahilla Zafar, Conlan Rios, Miles Anthony, and Dennison Bertram, believe in our vision of a more interactive, engaging and open metaverse.

First, a huge thank you to the thousands of creators who have been building immersive experiences with us from day one. We would not be here without you and your stellar world-building. We're grateful to be building the future of the internet alongside you.

If we haven't met - Mona is the premier 3D world-building platform and web3 social network for the metaverse. Built for creators by creators, Mona offers gorgeous resolution and unparalleled performance for truly visionary web3 worlds. Today, Mona spaces enjoy the highest quality 3D experience in web3 – all accessible via your web browser.

Grifters Bar by XCOPY, Neon Glitch, and 78 Special
Grifters Bar by XCOPY, Neon Glitch, and 78 Special

Every environment inside of Mona is fully multiplayer, supporting hundreds of users with voice chat, text chat, hyperlinking, and token gated access. Best of all – no upfront cost or land purchases for builders.

That's right. No land purchases.

Gallery by Coldie and Matthew Bradley
Gallery by Coldie and Matthew Bradley

Too many companies are treating the metaverse like some kind of land rush. They are staking claims and forcing creators to pay for their place in the web3 world.

We’re dedicated to creating an open metaverse that does not require a purchase to enter or use. This allows creators to develop their art freely and tap into new revenue streams without facing financial limitations.

Temple Garden by Memory
Temple Garden by Memory

These metaverse NFTs are high quality, immersive, interactive worlds that you can share and experience with your frens - constrained only by your creativity.

Bonkerz Garden by Adam Liebert, Chris Bianchi, and Dale P. Deacon
Bonkerz Garden by Adam Liebert, Chris Bianchi, and Dale P. Deacon

Like the web we use today, there is an unlimited amount of virtual "land" in the metaverse.

As we spend more time in immersive spaces over the next decade, we believe the value of each metaverse environment will be dictated by the artistic quality and creative merit of each space.

MetaEstates Gallery by Luis Fernandez
MetaEstates Gallery by Luis Fernandez

Our mission at Mona is to empower millions of people to create, collect, and explore high quality 3D experiences on the blockchain.

We're doing this by building innovative products, tools, and protocols that accelerate the adoption of web3 and the growth of the open metaverse.

Deru Treuwitho by Vxgx
Deru Treuwitho by Vxgx

If this is something you're also passionate about, we'd love to hear from you. Check out our current career openings at: monaverse.com/careers.

If you're a builder, an architect, a 3D designer, a game designer, or a creator of any kind, we would love for you to start building with us today. Join our vibrant discord community to learn more: monaverse.com/discord.

If you're a collector interested in adding the highest quality, truly innovative, virtual worlds to your collection, see the spaces currently available to purchase on our marketplace.

The metaverse should belong to everyone. I encourage you to visit monaverse.com and see for yourself what’s possible in a creator-driven digital world.

Once again, thank you to all of our newest partners who will help us power the open metaverse. Above all, thank you to all of our builders.

❤️ Justin Melillo, Co-founder & CEO of Mona

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