The Demon Market in The Library

The Library is an open space dedicated to the pursuit of understanding. It lies deep within the Weird Wilds, hidden in plain sight. When a WITCH crosses the threshold into the Library, they enter a realm filled with knowledge of all kinds and discover a quiet sanctuary from any and all chaos circles. 

Tomes, scrolls, books, and texts line the orderly shelves of the Library. There are many tales of MAGES lost for weeks within these very shelves, all in search of the arcane. Many become consumed by this pursuit for the Library conceals the most comprehensive collection of ancient texts and forbidden knowledge within its endless shelves. 

Neutrino, the Incessant Map was one of these MAGES. They were born with a compulsion to document all knowledge, especially the forbidden. Soulbound hexes, ancient cursed objects, arcane spells, Neutrino sought to collect it all. 

Though, as the Head Librarian and a WITCH who lives in the light, they could not openly embrace such dark fascinations. They had vowed to embrace the light long ago, distancing themselves from their past forged through chaos.

When the moon calls, Neutrino ventures into the night in search of cursed artifacts, and the Library is reborn into a popup demon market—fully embracing chaos under the watchful eyes of KAGS, Neutrino’s familiar. The CAT of CHAOS welcomes all WITCHES and creatures in the dead of night under the full moon.

To enter the demon market, a small sacrifice is required—a secret script or scintillating secret. KAGS, perched atop an ancient tome, passes judgment upon every contribution. Few dare attempt to out-wile the CAT of CHAOS with a forged script or meager rumor lest they end up buried beneath a shelf of dense tomes. 

The Library hums with disorderly bartering. Sacred tomes, arcane scrolls, forbidden texts, cursed objects, soul vessels, and familiar jars are all found within the demon market. Some nights there are even “rare” siren shells sold to unsuspecting travelers just outside the Library doors. 

Seasoned demon market traders know to ignore the barrage of “yo’s” outside the Library. No secrets are found there—just minor tricksters conning the unsuspecting with dubious offers. A soul vessel and the secret recipe for perfectly fried French fries for a small handful of the king’s jewels? 

Most happily pay the price of admission and leave with due haste once they acquire the items they seek. Stay too long and a true trickster may swap a sacred tome with one filled with empty words and false promises. For many, this is a rite of passage to show that one belongs in the demon market. 

KAGS revels in the chaos of the market, his eyes glimmering with flames as he watches every shady interaction. In one corner, the infamous “Nyx” places a tarot deck on a sturdy oak table. She ensnares a doe-eyed marketgoer with a promise that her cards will guide them to their darkest desire. 

She firmly places their hand on her deck and whispers an incantation. She poses a simple question before pulling from her deck. Their lips move but their voice is absent. A ruse. Nyx places a siren’s shell against the marketgoer’s ear and names her price: a baker’s dozen of The Pistachio’s signature pistachio macarons and an unnamed favor. 

Pistachio’s patisserie is a staple of every demon market. She hands out a sample of her pistachio macarons to every soul as a gesture of goodwill, to welcome them to the demon market. Little do they know, they will be back before the sun rises. Half a dozen? A baker’s dozen? Two dozen? The only limit is the number of macarons Pistachio brings. 

In another aisle, KAGS watches Centauri, the Virtuous Chalk enter the market and immediately exchange a handful of gold coins for two dozen pistachio macarons. She then lies in wait, as she does each full moon, producing chalk-drawn sketches to pass the time.

When The Pistachio sells out, Centauri goes forth and frolics among the chaos. Armed with the most coveted baked goods, she barters her way to the knowledge she seeks. A rumor here, an ancient tome there, Centauri trades pistachio macarons for every morsel of information she can find. 

As the thrum of the market slows, KAGS grows bored and restless. He unleashes a bone-chilling howl to signal the end of the demon market. Everyone dashes to the exit, fearful of a sting from KAGS’ venomous scorpion tail or the unrelenting singe from his claws dipped in black fire.

Neutrino returns to The Library in total disarray—tomes, scrolls, texts, and books scattered everywhere. They apologize profusely to their fellow librarians, casting blame on KAGS and his penchant for chaos. KAGS hisses, feigning disdain, and retreats to his favorite bookshelf where six slices of the finest fresh tuna await him for a job well done.

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