Kalder Raises $3M to power Web3 Brand Loyalty

Kalder (n.) – The platform mobilizing communities. Turning customers into contributors, co-creators, communities.

Hello world. We're building the platform to support the new brand engagement economy – Brands 3.0.

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Incentives of Brand Loyalty are Broken: Transactional & Siloed by the Brand

The world of engagement is going through a paradigm shift.

Existing brand and creator channels are actively deteriorating.

As Web 2.0 moves toward a top-down, standardized, and saturated future, clicks are no longer equal to engagement or sales. Despite the $180b global loyalty spend, 70% of brands find these solutions ineffective.

Customers want more. More than being a consumer of a product…

Customers want to be co-creators, influencers, and advocates.. customers want to be a community.

Kalder is mobilizing the infrastructure to make that happen.

Kalder – Shared Infrastructure for the Future of Brand Loyalty

Every brand, enterprise, NFT community, and creator is now asking – So we’ve launched an NFT…what comes next?

Simply launching an NFT can be an arduous process today. From cumbersome one-time NFT minting tools to exorbitant consulting services, the current tooling is insufficient and does not lead to long-term activation for customer crypto wallets.

Kalder introduces an all-in-one, integrated web3 CRM that supercharges loyalty programs and seamlessly works with their day-to-day marketing.

How Kalder Works?

Tiered, Dynamic NFT Membership: Kalder makes it easy to create tiered loyalty programs with gamification and exclusivity built in order to maximize engagement.

$Brand-native rewards: Building social & financial incentives. Earn $brand-rewards to accrue status & spend - Imagine earning $Nike, $Star, $Gucci, $Godiva and unlocking experiences, and products interactively.

Contribute-to-Earn Quests: Leverage the Kalder Experience Editor to easily create gamified ways to interact with your brand. Reward content creation, in-app voting on your product roadmap, you name it

Why Now? Web3 Presents an Opportunity for Optimal Retention and Engagement

Brands 3.0 - Kalder will improve acquisition and retention by creating better economic and social alignment for customers and brands

Kalder is powered by –

Interoperability | Composable brand ecosystems: With Kalder, brands can create a new economy built on brand loyalty.  In Web2 $NIKE points and status only matter in Nike, and are unavailing outside of Nike’s store.

With Web3, Kalder flips the model and allows brands to seamlessly create partnerships and multiplayer marketing, rewards, and status.

Ownership | Interoperable Status & Token Systems: Kalder allows customers to engage in the seamless transfer of reputation points, digital assets, and brand experiences .

With Kalder, members own their membership and have the incentive to stay loyal to their platforms and brands as they earn status.

Interactivity | Programmable Incentives: Kalder builds hooks that reward customers for building the brand as influencers and co-creators instead of only as customers.

With Kalder, the more customers interact with the brand and the more integral to the brand’s success they are, the more their status appreciates.

Data | On-Chain Engagement Data: In the cookie-less future we are seeing development, it is getting harder to track user behavior.

With Kalder and Web3, brands can unlock access to incredibly detailed and rich data about how customers interact with the brand – from purchases to engagement, contribution, interests, and beyond.

Team – Best in Class Crypto x Consumer Braintrust

Team: Kalder is a team of first engineers and designers from OpenSea, Robinhood, Celo, Figma, OlympusDAO, Blockchain at Berkeley, and YC building the top crypto and brand-native team in the industry.

Investors: Kalder’s first round brings best-in-class crypto, B2B, and brand funds with participation from –

500 VC, Human Capital, INDIGO Fund, 8VC, Soma Capital, Contrary, Paribu, Metamatic, Sunflower Fund, and with angels from Accel, SyndicateDAO, LayerZero, Alloy, and more.

Kalder’s syndicate is designed specifically to unlock top partnerships, best-in-class crypto, design, and engineering execution.

🌎 Are you a Brand, Marketer, Creator, NFT Collection, or Platform?

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Write the playbook of Next-Gen Loyalty with us – Our early brand partners will get exclusive opportunities to define web3 loyalty and engagement, and we are closing early partnerships soon. Email or dm to be this brand.

We are partnering with top d2c brands, retailers, luxury experiences, fitness platforms, FMCG, and more. Join us or stay tuned for launches!

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And - We’re hiring!!! We are pushing the frontier of Web3 x Consumer forward. If these ideas excite you – join us as a founding engineer, designer, or content marketer.

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