September 14th, 2022

Having our financial lives always online with crypto is a blessing and a curse.

Total strangers can share resources and move faster. Office hours are a thing of the past.

With computers to handle promises (smart contracts), we can deal with each other and scale against our collective trust issues.

May 5th, 2022

Fundraising for DAOs is entering a growth phase. This should be no surprise, as making DAOs is easier than traditional companies and much more fun. Accelerating the trend of ‘always online’ finance, legal structuring can be done on KALI at a fraction of the time and cost of web2 solutions like Stripe Atlas.

Fundraising still has practical regulatory concerns regardless of technology. Who can purchase tokens and what stakes they have in a DAO will always raise legal questions and compliance headaches (to which we recommend retaining counsel).

An ‘all-bases-covered’ approach to DAO fundraising is necessary for greater web3 adoption. To thread these issues and empower our users, KALI legal engineers have automated compliance around transfer restrictions, purchaser whitelisting and treasury redemptions. Today, we are pleased to roll out this end-to-end solution for DAO fundraising that makes token sales easier and more legally secure.

With an improved deployment workflow integrating our V2 extension smart contracts, KALI users can now customize their own (a) governance token, (b) cap table, (c) legal structure, (c) purchaser list, and (d) token sale. Effectively, anyone can permissionlessly create and privately fund a limited liability venture in minutes. This is the power of web3 when combined with legal automation.

April 21st, 2022

Their Place on the Legal Spectrum and Associated Traits

The following is a guest post by J. Mason Bump, a web3 attorney, LexDAO guild member, and KALI contributor.

KALI provides tooling through a Series LLC formation that hosts sub-LLCs and allows users to instantly create an LLC with its own liability protections and rights. This post clarifies the state of law and background around Series LLCs.

March 13th, 2022

Limited liability is a tool for DAO entrepreneurs to restrict the risks of having their personal assets at stake just for joining and participating in a DAO. Legal entities also allow DAOs to own off-chain assets and enter into agreements to make real asset purchases, open bank accounts, and hire contractors.

KALI has simplified the steps to form a DAO LLC (or KALI Co) and we have been encouraged to see our users take advantage of this option as they venture out into the brave new world of smart-contract-based investment and service companies.

To clarify for the web3 space how the KALI app helps automate and register LLCs and to share some of our knowledge for crowdsourcing purposes, we have summarized findings and templates in this post. It’s never been easier to create a club with tokenized shares, or build software and host a dApp with more legal protections.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

February 8th, 2022

KALI has finished beta and is now live on Ethereum, Arbitrum and Rinkeby (testnet).

The application allows anyone in the world to deploy a DAO and design a legal structure that fits their needs in seconds. KALI works for founders building a product and investors collecting tokens, and is flexible to add different kinds of extensions, such as fundraising, redemptions and permissions. Get started here.


December 17th, 2021

Whitelisting blockchain assets is no cardinal sin, and in many cases, a necessity in order to make investment offerings. While we remain optimistic on the progressive arc of securities regulation reform, these laws loom large on companies that want to raise funds and avoid compliance heartburn.

Enter Dos Commas Club: a whimsical yet useful device to bring accredited investors onboard with KaliCos and the greater DAO ecosystem.

The Club is limited to 100 members to showcase early supporters, and the first 3 have been minted, to MetaCartel Ventures, The LAO, and an angel investor. 97 seats remain to get a commemorative NFT, and entry is free if you pass a verification check (all information will be kept confidential).

December 13th, 2021

DAOs are coming of age and entering everyday life. Following the launch of MolochV2 for investors in January 2020 and Compound governance for protocols shortly after, the use of web3 org tech has grown dramatically, commanding billions of dollars in digital assets and employing thousands.

The next wave of DAO adoption will interface with CeFi and other traditional elements to complete this picture. Users will be able to run their entire financial lives online and coordinate with employers and investors on and off-chain, all while maintaining their autonomy as web3 citizens.

Some pain points persist to get there, but will be programmed around. For example, when operating at scale, many are faced with legal frictions: What kind of structure should I use? How will I make agreements? How can I set up a bank account? What happens when there are disputes?