KaramelaDAO community roundup vol. 10: Our token 🍭

What a week that was for the KaramelaDAO!

Tokenomics was the main subject and we finally have the genesis of the Lollipop token!

This is exactly what we have been waiting for a while in order to be able to pay citizens and non-ctizens and have the ability to jump start projects!!

Want to learn more about the upcoming Lollipop Tokenomics and the proposal in place?

Jump to our discord now!

We also have a brand new LinkedIn page - go follow us there to learn more about the DAO!

Finally, in the upcoming community call we are going to discuss potential citizen nominations. Some people on the discord have already put a significant amount of effort to move the DAO forward. 

Now you can go vote for these people to get a DAO citizenship for all their hard work!

Oh and don’t forget to follow us here for the latest news!

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Mission / Vision and other Ideas

Our two main projects, i.e. the email course and the digital influencer, are on their way.

Progress is being made daily, and we should soon have the first draft! 

Especially now that we have a currency to pay people for their effort.

So cheers to the upcoming projects and all the people who will get some Lollipops!

Wanna learn more? Join our discord and join existing projects or create a new one!

Governance / Citizenship / Logistics

The Lollipop token is HERE!

This is one of the most exciting weeks in the DAO, as within a week we went from trying to figure out the Tokenomics to now having an official currency deployed in Polygon!

But before we get too excited, let's try to understand why we need a currency and also the first draft of the Tokenomics.

Firstly, why do we need a cryptocurrency?

Well, If you look around the DAO you will find lots of talented people. We need to motivate those people by paying them for their contributions and also give them a share of the upside.

There are so many great ideas already, but without the ability to pay people in order to execute we will always be at ground zero! And that’s really bad! We need to jump-start all those amazing projects and start creating value for the DAO!

So now that it is clear why we need a cryptocurrency, let's move to Tokenomics 101.

We need to create a scheme that will motivate non-citizens to come work for the DAO early on by giving them a share of the upside and also keep citizens on the driver seat by making sure they will be rewarded for good decision making and capital allocation.

This is why we decided to split the coins 50-50 between workers and citizens. 

Note that citizens will have a 4 year vesting schedule to make sure we incentivize them to stay around for a long time :)

You can find more details about the discussion and the proposal here.

Note, this is not the end of the Tokenomics discussion. On the contrary, it feels like the beginning of a journey with the goal to figure out the best Tokenomics structure in the metaverse.

KaramelaDAO’s new proposals are here

We finally have a proposal for the Lollipop tokenomics!

This is probably the first time ever that the DAO went within a week from a discussion about a topic to a full on proposal! A proposal that actually passed!

Our goal is to make Lollipop the sweetest coin in the Metaverse and the growth engine of the KaramelaDAO.

Wanna Vote?? Don’t forget to claim those POAP!!

Heard on the Sweet Sweet DAO

It’s really cool seeing citizens exchanging ideas on different crypto projects or even try to help each other navigate this crazy ecosystem.

Seeing this discussion about Hellium miners is just one example of how knowledgeable this community is and how willing they are to help each other! This is truly invaluable!

Wanna learn more about crypto / nfts / daos etc? Jump to our discord now and connect with some of the coolest people around who are here to learn with you!

KaramelaDAO So Far

First, let’s do a quick recap of the KaramelaDAO adventure so far:

Month 1: November 2021 - laying the groundwork

  • November 1     - DAOs Discord is ON
  • November  2    - KaramelaDAO starts (Jon’s infamous tweet)
  • November  17 - First Community call
  • November  18  - First Governance call**

Month 2: December 2021 - more groundwork

  • December 1 - Second Community call
  • December 2 - Second Governance call
  • December 3 - We finally have a logo!!
  • December 8 - Third Community call -  New name, who dis? KaramelaDAO
  • December 9 - Third Governance call -  Mission / Vision and other Ideas
  • December 11 - Citizenship NFTs Design is HERE!
  • December 15 - Fourth Community call -  Marketing / Voting and Citizenship NFTs
  • December 22 - Fifth Community call - Proposal Process / Website
  • December 23 - Website Project Management & Branding Guidelines
  • December 25 - KaramelaDaos First Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!
  • December 30 - Sixth Community Call - Strategy Team / Website / Ciao 2021
  • December 31 - Website is HERE!

Month 3: January 2022 - getting ready to launch

  • January 1 - Happy New Year From The Sweetest DAO in the Metaverse
  • January 5 - Seventh Community Call - WhiteList / Small Teams (Onboarding)
  • January 7 - First Strategy Team Call - Small Teams Guidelines / Roles / Structure
  • January 12 - Eighth Community Call - Website / Strategy / Projects
  • January 13 - Core Teams are Here! Let’s get to work…
  • January 14 - Second Strategy Team Call - KamelaDAO / UnicornDAO /Billion$DAO
  • January 19 - Ninth Community Call - Billion$DAO, Digital Influencer, Core Teams
  • January 20 - Second Strategy Team Call 
  • January 26 - Tenth Community Call & First Onboarding Call
  • January 27 - Strategy X Media Team Collab Call - Digital Influencer / Twitter Spaces
  • January 29 - First ever Social Media Roundtable in Twitter Spaces

Month 4: February 2022 - getting ready to takeoff

  • February 2 - Eleventh Community Call - Tokenomics / Projects
  • February 4 - Unofficial Tokenomics Chat
  • February 5 - Second Social Media Roundtable in Twitter Spaces
  • February 8 - Finance Team Call - Tokenomics & Lollipop Genesis
  • February 9 - Twelfth Community Call - Tokenomics
  • February 10 - Strategy X Finance Team Call - Tokenomics Bible 

– Stay Sweet

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