KaramelaDAO community roundup vol. 9: Tokenomics
February 7th, 2022

Sometimes it’s really important to take a step back in order to take ten steps forward.

Over the latest community call, it started becoming more apparent that we need to find a way to get people motivated to participate more, especially when it comes down to projects.

I think that one of the ways to achieve that is to issue a coin in order to pay people for their hard work and motivate them even more!

This is why it’s more important than ever to figure out the proper tokenomics, this is one of these make-or-break moments for the DAO.**

Want to learn more about the upcoming Lollipop tokenomics? 

Join our discussion in discord.**

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Twitter  Notion

Mission / Vision and other Ideas

After a really busy week for the KaramelaDAO Core Teams we have the different project teams leading the way.

There was a really interesting call between members regarding the project influencer, i.e. the creation of a digital influencer that will promote the DAO and potentially bring lots of ad-revenues.**

Lots of creative ideas on how to approach this project. For example, shall we try to create 3D animations or just deep fake real people? What is the content that the influencer should use? Do you have some great ideas about that?

Jump on discord and let's make some magic happen.

Also, our first real-world project is almost ready! I am obviously talking about the OG of all projects, the Web3 email-course.

@tolis already has posted the minutes on the latest call in notion and is getting the first draft ready. This is a huge milestone, as it will probably constitute the first real-world monetizable project of the Sweetest DAO!

Wanna learn more? Join our discord and join existing projects or create a new one!

Governance / Citizenship / Logistics

When it comes down to Governance nothing is more important than having the right economical structure that will let the DAO flourish and be the main growth engine behind all the amazing projects!

It’s also really important to keep the people who are already contributing to the DAO motivated!! As of now, most of the people have put a significant amount of time and effort into taking this DAO off the ground!

Therefore, it's crucial to find the right way to reward these people! 

And here comes the Lollipop - the sweetest coin in the metaverse!**

But it’s not that easy…

In order to motivate people to work for our DAO but also keep a big part of the value for the citizens we need to find the right tokenomics!

There have already been some interesting discussions about this. But our upcoming call this Tuesday at 3pm EST is going to be the most interesting chat yet.**

We welcome all citizens and people that are interested to hear to join this call!

KaramelaDAO’s new proposals are here

No proposals this week, but the most important proposal to-date is coming soon!

I am obviously talking about the lollipop structure and its tokenomics!

Our goal is to make Lollipop the sweetest coin in the Metaverse and the growth engine of the KaramelaDAO.

Wanna Vote?? Don’t forget to claim those POAP!

Heard on the Sweet Sweet DAO

One of the most interesting ‘unofficial’ projects in the DAO is finding the best project management tool out there that will help organize our sweet “chaos”!

@CryptoPablo has been the king of project management for our DAO and the leading force behind finding the right tool!

We had a huge breakthrough this weekend, with dework getting the blessing from CryptoPablo, who is BLOWN AWAY! (his words :) )

Follow the discussion here to learn more.

KaramelaDAO So Far

First, let’s do a quick recap of the KaramelaDAO adventure so far:

Month 1: November 2021 - laying the groundwork

  • November 1     - DAOs Discord is ON
  • November  2    - KaramelaDAO starts (Jon’s infamous tweet)
  • November  17 - First Community call
  • November  18  - First Governance call

Month 2: December 2021 - more groundwork

  • December 1 - Second Community call
  • December 2 - Second Governance call
  • December 3 - We finally have a logo!!
  • December 8 - Third Community call -  New name, who dis? KaramelaDAO
  • December 9 - Third Governance call -  Mission / Vision and other Ideas
  • December 11 - Citizenship NFTs Design is HERE!
  • December 15 - Fourth Community call -  Marketing / Voting and Citizenship NFTs
  • December 22 - Fifth Community call - Proposal Process / Website
  • December 23 - Website Project Management & Branding Guidelines
  • December 25 - KaramelaDaos First Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!
  • December 30 - Sixth Community Call - Strategy Team / Website / Ciao 2021
  • December 31 - Website is HERE!

Month 3: January 2022 - getting ready to launch

  • January 1 - Happy New Year From The Sweetest DAO in the Metaverse
  • January 5 - Seventh Community Call - WhiteList / Small Teams (Onboarding)
  • January 7 - First Strategy Team Call - Small Teams Guidelines / Roles / Structure
  • January 12 - Eighth Community Call - Website / Strategy / Projects
  • January 13 - Core Teams are Here! Let’s get to work…
  • January 14 - Second Strategy Team Call - KamelaDAO / UnicornDAO /Billion$DAO
  • January 19 - Ninth Community Call - Billion$DAO, Digital Influencer, Core Teams
  • January 20 - Second Strategy Team Call 
  • January 26 - Tenth Community Call & First Onboarding Call
  • January 27 - Strategy X Media Team Collab Call - Digital Influencer / Twitter Spaces
  • January 29 - First ever Social Media Roundtable in Twitter Spaces

Month 4: February 2022 - getting ready to takeoff

  • February 2 - Eleventh Community Call - Tokenomics / Projects
  • February 4 - Unofficial Tokenomics Chat

– Stay Sweet

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