KaramelaDAO community roundup vol. 14: NFTs
March 28th, 2022

This was the most important week for the DAO so far! Why?

Because our NFT Citizenships are officially HERE!

And this is not it…

We also have our first sales which means the treasury is filling up with ETH which gives real value to your $LOLL! We can’t wait for the day, when the founding $LOLL will be worth thousands of dollars and we will be looking back at those humble beginnings!

This has been a long journey with lots of effort and dedication from the entire community, and it’s really rewarding to finally reach our first sales! 

This is truly a huge milestone for our sweet sweet DAO!

And let’s not forget to give a huge shout-out to the Onboarding team - probably the most active team of the DAO! This team has done an incredible amount of work onboarding new members and constantly creating content! So cheers to this amazing team!

But let’s go see what’s up in the DAO verse…

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Governance / Citizenship / Logistics

Our official Karamela DAO NFT Citizenships are finally HERE!

Want to become a true Karamelian and get one of the few founding citizenships?

Jump to OMG Drops - the amazing platform of @jonromero - and grab one of the ten citizenships while they are still available.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Don’t forget that every citizenship comes with 250 $LOLL every year for the first four years which gives every citizen access to 0.1% of the Treasury!

If the DAO executes we all expect this 0.1% could be worth a lot of money one day.

But it’s not just for the money! It’s really about the journey as well!

Being a true Karamelian and having the opportunity to connect with that many smart people all over the world is just invaluable! Especially seeing people that didn’t even know each other a few months ago, coming together and creating real value!

As a DAO we want people to learn more about this exciting new space!

So come join our discord, join our community calls and get the sweetest citizenship in the Metaverse!

Heard on the Sweet Sweet DAO

The Onboarding team has done an amazing job onboarding new members, posting content and in general being the face of the DAO! 

Huge shout-out to @lelito @kostasDr @kostasKay and all other members of the team!

Not only are they doing onboarding calls every week but they are also making sure to do them in different languages! This is probably one of the things that differentiates our DAO from the rest!

I strongly encourage you to spend a few mins to browse through the relevant discord channel. Newbie or not you will see lots of cool stuff and potentially lots of interesting links to learn more about our DAO and the Metaverse in general!

KaramelaDAO So Far

First, let’s do a quick recap of the KaramelaDAO adventure so far:

Month 1: November 2021 - laying the groundwork

  • November 1     - DAOs Discord is ON
  • November  2    - KaramelaDAO starts (Jon’s infamous tweet)
  • November  17 - First Community call
  • November  18  - First Governance call

Month 2: December 2021 - more groundwork

  • December 1 - Second Community call
  • December 2 - Second Governance call
  • December 3 - We finally have a logo!!
  • December 8 - Third Community call -  New name, who dis? KaramelaDAO
  • December 9 - Third Governance call -  Mission / Vision and other Ideas
  • December 11 - Citizenship NFTs Design is HERE!
  • December 15 - Fourth Community call -  Marketing / Voting and Citizenship NFTs
  • December 22 - Fifth Community call - Proposal Process / Website
  • December 23 - Website Project Management & Branding Guidelines
  • December 25 - KaramelaDaos First Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!
  • December 30 - Sixth Community Call - Strategy Team / Website / Ciao 2021
  • December 31 - Website is HERE!

Month 3: January 2022 - getting ready to launch

  • January 1 - Happy New Year From The Sweetest DAO in the Metaverse
  • January 5 - Seventh Community Call - WhiteList / Small Teams (Onboarding)
  • January 7 - First Strategy Team Call - Small Teams Guidelines / Roles / Structure
  • January 12 - Eighth Community Call - Website / Strategy / Projects
  • January 13 - Core Teams are Here! Let’s get to work…
  • January 14 - Second Strategy Team Call - KamelaDAO / UnicornDAO /Billion$DAO
  • January 19 - Ninth Community Call - Billion$DAO, Digital Influencer, Core Teams
  • January 20 - Second Strategy Team Call 
  • January 26 - Tenth Community Call & First Onboarding Call
  • January 27 - Strategy X Media Team Collab Call - Digital Influencer / Twitter Spaces
  • January 29 - First ever Social Media Roundtable in Twitter Spaces

Month 4: February 2022 - getting ready to takeoff

  • February 2 - Eleventh Community Call - Tokenomics / Projects
  • February 4 - Unofficial Tokenomics Chat
  • February 5 - Second Social Media Roundtable in Twitter Spaces
  • February 8 - Finance Team Call - Tokenomics & Lollipop Genesis
  • February 9 - Twelfth Community Call - Tokenomics
  • February 10 - Strategy X Finance Team Call - Tokenomics Bible 
  • February 17 - Thirteen Community Call - Lollipop / Citizen Nominations
  • February 21 - KaramelaDAO Guide live on Medium
  • February 25 - Fourteenth Community Call - Lollipop / DAO Budget
  • February 25 - First Multilingual Onboarding Call 

Month 5: March 2022 - getting organized

  • March 2 - Fifteenth Community Call - Budgeting / CoreTeams / Projects
  • March 4 - Twitter Spaces is Back
  • March 9 - Sixteenth Community Call - Virtual Influencer / IT Department
  • March 11 - Twitter Spaces Roundtable
  • March 11 - Onboarding Call For the Win
  • March 16 - Seventeenth Community Call
  • March 18 - Onboarding Call
  • March 23 - Eighteenth Community Call
  • March 23 - KaramelaDAO NFT Citizenships Are HERE! First Sale!
  • March 25 - Onboarding Call and more to come

– Stay Sweet

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