KaramelaDAO community roundup vol. 8: Make it happen
January 31st, 2022

Lots of activity in the DAO last week.

From the first ever onboarding call to the first ever core team collab - this was a busy week for the DAO! It’s really nice seeing the KaramelaDAO gatekeepers collaborating on how to make our DAO grow!**

Lots of interesting discussions about the digital influencer project. This is now a huge priority of us and we are really looking for people who can help us deepfake and create the dopest influencer in the metaverse! Do you think you are this person?

Please ping us on discord and lets goooooooo!

Oh and for those who make it happen, there is an NFT citizenship waiting for you! 

Finally, we are also gearing up on social media! Thanks to @arberi, the KaramelaDAO is about to become the go-to-place for everything DAO and Web3 in Twitter spaces!

We need people to join this effort and make some noise!

Oh and don’t forget to follow us here for the latest news!

Twitter  Notion

Mission / Vision and other Ideas

The KaramelaDAO is finally on track to become the first billion dollar DAO in the metaverse! Now that we have the mission - we need to start coming up with new projects to start the ball rolling! Do you have an amazing idea!

Jump on discord and let everyone know!**

The next big thing to tackle is the finance aspect of the DAO. This is equally as important given that we need to have a way to reward people for their hard work and keep them motivated to keep contributing to the DAO.

The Finance team is meeting earlier this week but here is a small summary of how @jonromero is envisioning the Lollipop tokenomics.**

Wanna learn more? Join our discord and tune in the upcoming Finance Team call!

Governance / Citizenship / Logistics

The Core KaramelaDAO teams are already firing on all cylinders!

The Strategy Team and Media team had a call last week in order to figure out how we can make the most amount of noise that will attract lots of eyeballs and press for our DAO! 

This was an extremely fruitful meeting with the main takeaways being:

  1. Focus on getting the Digital Influencer

This is an incredibly important project for the DAO, as it's exactly the project that can attract a lot of eyeballs and make a lot of noise. Can you imagine having our influencer be the one who advertises and auctions off our citizenship?

  1. Start having a real social media presence and become the king of Twitter Spaces for everything DAO!

Thank you so much @arberi and @bensik for wanting to lead this effort. @arberi and the gang already had their first twitter spaces and discussed about DAOs and their future! Make sure you follow us on Twitter and tune in on our next roundtable!**

Also, the onboarding team had their first onboarding meeting last Wednesday in order to optimize the onboarding process before the DAO is flooded with new citizens.

Finally, thanks @CryptoPablo and @jonromero for trying to organize the DAO with Sobol! This is an incredibly important task and it's great to have some of our upcoming citizens figure out the details!

Are you interested in joining? Just drop a few lines in the appropriate channel and let’s make magic happen!

KaramelaDAO’s new proposals are here!

The latest proposal regarding the DAO mission and vision is now a reality - the proposal was voted by 14 people, the most popular proposal to date, with 13 people being for the mission proposed!

With this important proposal behind us, the DAO and the core teams will now focus on structuring the finance aspect of the DAO, with the new coin coming very soon!

As we have said many times, it’s really important for people to vote on those critical proposals that will shape the future of the DAO! The more people vote - the better the decisions that will be made.

Wanna Vote?? Don’t forget to claim those POAP!!

Heard on the Sweet Sweet DAO

This week we had our first Twitter Spaces roundtable!

Our goal is to talk about Web3 and everything DAOs and cover topics from beginners, like what is a DAO, to more advanced like governance around DAOs and current real-world regulatory framework. 

This is just another way to keep our community engaged and expand our audience across the metaverse!

KaramelaDAO So Far

First, let’s do a quick recap of the KaramelaDAO adventure so far:

Month 1: November 2021 - laying the groundwork

  • November 1     - DAOs Discord is ON
  • November  2    - KaramelaDAO starts (Jon’s infamous tweet)
  • November  17 - First Community call
  • November  18  - First Governance call

Month 2: December 2021 - more groundwork

  • December 1 - Second Community call
  • December 2 - Second Governance call
  • December 3 - We finally have a logo!!
  • December 8 - Third Community call -  New name, who dis? KaramelaDAO
  • December 9 - Third Governance call -  Mission / Vision and other Ideas
  • December 11 - Citizenship NFTs Design is HERE!
  • December 15 - Fourth Community call -  Marketing / Voting and Citizenship NFTs
  • December 22 - Fifth Community call - Proposal Process / Website
  • December 23 - Website Project Management & Branding Guidelines
  • December 25 - KaramelaDaos First Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!
  • December 30 - Sixth Community Call - Strategy Team / Website / Ciao 2021
  • December 31 - Website is HERE!

Month 3: January 2022 - getting ready to launch

  • January 1 - Happy New Year From The Sweetest DAO in the Metaverse
  • January 5 - Seventh Community Call - WhiteList / Small Teams (Onboarding)
  • January 7 - First Strategy Team Call - Small Teams Guidelines / Roles / Structure
  • January 12 - Eighth Community Call - Website / Strategy / Projects
  • January 13 - Core Teams are Here! Let’s get to work…
  • January 14 - Second Strategy Team Call - KamelaDAO / UnicornDAO /Billion$DAO
  • January 19 - Ninth Community Call - Billion$DAO, Digital Influencer, Core Teams
  • January 20 - Second Strategy Team Call 
  • January 26 - Tenth Community Call & First Onboarding Call
  • January 27 - Strategy X Media Team Collab Call - Digital Influencer / Twitter Spaces
  • January 29 - First ever Social Media Roundtable in Twitter Spaces

– Stay Sweet

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