KaramelaDAO community roundup vol. 7: The Billion $ DAO
January 25th, 2022

The Sweetest DAO in the Metaverse is Gearing Up!! 

This community call was one of the most exciting yet.

First of all, the Strategy Team layed out its master plan regarding the mission and vision of the KaramelaDAO! Or should we say the Billion$DAO?

The goal of the DAO is to create one billion dollars of value for its citizens through a series of projects that will generate revenue and fund the next series of projects! 

Are you ready for the first unicorn DAO in the metaverse?

More on this below…

But even more exciting were all the ideas that floated around the community call.

One of the most promising ones is the creation of a digital influencer who can be the frontman for the DAO and generate lots of value, both monetarily as well as branding!

What better than an awesome, sweet influencer to show the world what the Karamela lifestyle is about!!

This is really exciting and is definitely one of the projects that could generate lots of headlines and make our DAO shine! Stay tuned!

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Mission / Vision and other Ideas

In the latest community call the Strategy Team layed out the mission and vision of the KaramelaDAO. We want the KaramelaDAO to be the first billion$DAO! 

How will we achieve that? The goal is to create 1000 projects each of which will generate $1M worth of value for its citizens.

The strategy team came up with a few categories that people can use to get inspiration around new projects.

  • Education
  • Incubator / Venture Capital
  • Private Equity / Public Markets
  • Web3 Monetization
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Charity

These categories are non exhaustive by any means - in fact we want our citizens to come up with more out of the box ideas that can bring a tremendous amount of value to the DAO! This is exactly the reason why we left the vision so open-ended!

Contrary to most DAOs that have a very specific mission, we decided to let our citizens choose their own adventure with the only constraint being value creation! We want to avoid the ‘corporate feel’ of telling people what to do - we want our citizens to have the freedom to choose what they want to do and think big!

So cheers to the upcoming unicorn DAO! **

Don’t forget to vote on the proposal.

Governance / Citizenship / Logistics

The Core KaramelaDAO teams are already firing on all cylinders!

The Strategy Team and Media team are having a call this upcoming week in order to figure out how we can make the most amount of noise that will attract lots of eyeballs and press for our DAO! On top of that the Strategy team is working on a project proposal framework that will include all the details, i.e. budgeting, citizen participation, ROI etc. and will help streamline the process.

The Finance Team is forming up and is looking to solve some of the following things around citizen compensation, project budgeting and funding, creating our own currency and tokenomics and so much more.

The HR/Onboarding team is already creating the material for the onboarding of new citizens and has its first call this Wednesday, Jan 26th 2022.  

As we said last week we are really excited to fill those teams with people that are motivated and ready to get their hands dirty, in order to make this DAO the most exciting DAO in the metaverse!

Read the intro above to learn more about the teams and their responsibilities!

Are you interested in joining? Just drop a few lines in the appropriate channel and let’s make magic happen!

KaramelaDAO’s new proposals are here!

We finally have our new proposal regarding the mission and vision of the DAO! 

This proposal is incredibly important for the DAO, as it will shape the DAOs identity going forward!

So go here and vote now - the proposal will be open until Friday, Jan28th 2022.

**As we have said many times, it’s really important for people to vote on these critical proposals that will shape the future of the DAO! The more people vote - the better the decisions that will be made.

Wanna Vote?? Don’t forget to claim those POAP!

Heard on the Sweet Sweet DAO

I think the most exciting topic of the week is the creation of a new digital influencer!

@Fation and @jonromero shared a lot of info about this and all the work that is already been done by other - here are some of the links:

This is just such a new concept and having the ability to be first can generate lots of headlines which can translate into lots of NFTs citizenship sales.

On another note, did you check the new Mercedes Benz NFT sales?

The NFTs are simply sick!! Especially if you love the iconic G-Wagon!

KaramelaDAO So Far

First, let’s do a quick recap of the KaramelaDAO adventure so far:

Month 1: November 2021 - laying the groundwork

  • November 1     - DAOs Discord is ON
  • November  2    - KaramelaDAO starts (Jon’s infamous tweet)
  • November  17 - First Community call
  • November  18  - First Governance call

Month 2: December 2021 - more groundwork

  • December 1 - Second Community call
  • December 2 - Second Governance call
  • December 3 - We finally have a logo!!
  • December 8 - Third Community call -  New name, who dis? KaramelaDAO
  • December 9 - Third Governance call -  Mission / Vision and other Ideas
  • December 11 - Citizenship NFTs Design is HERE!
  • December 15 - Fourth Community call -  Marketing / Voting and Citizenship NFTs
  • December 22 - Fifth Community call - Proposal Process / Website
  • December 23 - Website Project Management & Branding Guidelines
  • December 25 - KaramelaDaos First Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!
  • December 30 - Sixth Community Call - Strategy Team / Website / Ciao 2021
  • December 31 - Website is HERE!

Month 3: January 2022 - getting ready to launch

  • January 1 - Happy New Year From The Sweetest DAO in the Metaverse
  • January 5 - Seventh Community Call - WhiteList / Small Teams (Onboarding)
  • January 7 - First Strategy Team Call - Small Teams Guidelines / Roles / Structure
  • January 12 - Eighth Community Call - Website / Strategy / Projects
  • January 13 - Core Teams are Here! Let’s get to work…
  • January 14 - Second Strategy Team Call - KamelaDAO / UnicornDAO /Billion$DAO
  • January 19 - Ninth Community Call - Billion$DAO, Digital Influencer, Core Teams
  • January 20 - Second Strategy Team Call 

– Stay Sweet

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