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we need more stories... evolved stories!

and the aquarium is the sum of all the stories.


_aquarium has its own feelings... it's an empty pool. we are the ones who fill it! it still reacts to us, try pouring your feelings into an empty pool!

..it means that the aquarium feeds on us.. how you characterize it is entirely up to you. you can see it as the concrete universe you live in, or it can be your mental cellar, the walls of which no one else sees but you.

my concerns!

one of the important fruits of the pool! my concerns are the reason why I exist.. the things that keep me alive.. my concerns have shaped me from the beginning and I shaped the aquarium.. this aquarium is my reflections.. as I mentioned before, you will shape it according to you because there is enough place for everyone in the aquarium!

walls and expressions
walls and expressions

the walls (|||) that I mentioned in my previous mirrors form the basis of my mental approach. while expressing even the simplest emotions, my main source of approach is walls. COD (consume, obey, die) emerged as a criticism of our daily routines and the most prominent expression is the walls.

and expressions and the KILLA!

we all create killers! these killers work as bricklayers.. as we tear down or build walls, we become killers. our strongest weapon expressions that we use when breaking walls. our expressions aren't just for tearing down or building walls. we are sacrificing someone.. maybe ourselves, maybe someone else.. that makes us killers because we either kill ourselves or someone else..

and we produce heaps of graves! we create heavy loads! then how do we hide the existence of these loads_



the main reason for the formation of the aquarium metaphor is how limited our dreams are? or how much space a box can have.. it will end somewhere and be considered limited.

shape it the way you want and you decide.

but compare the aquarium metaphor with a consciousness! beyond the consciousness we see.. the lower consciousness.

our dreams?

at this point, if we proceed by assuming that the aquarium = our dreams, I do not see a limit to which we can reach the end. so the aquarium is not just mine..

whatever you think, whatever you feel, put it in..
..after all, it's a limitless place.

and yes for me, they are all our dreams..
or our nightmares.

_our sufferings are the pleasures of others.
_our pleasures are the suffering of others.

“night is a time to dream as well as a time to sleep. languages, forms, behavior patterns and perceptual paradigms that limit what we see, hear, smell and think are contrary to the structure of dreams, which have their own form and language. In dreams, colors, images, people, emotions and thoughts mix freely and create unique combinations. dreams are so free that we find it difficult to put them into words ─ the rigid structures that shape the human mind throughout the day are not enough, or even hinder, to express our dreams.”
-gunduz vassaf, prisoners of ourselves-*

red and green
red and green

making sense of colors has not been an approach I have used in my work so far... but I decided that this was the best method to express the complementarity of the aquarium.

green is the complement of red.. red forms the basis of the aquarium and green represents us.

and the aquarium is our greatest complement either.. an endless space where we accumulate what makes us who we are and what we want to ignore.


it would be unfair not to adapt it to the present while talking about how many aquariums are a shared space! so _aquarium is a completely CC0 work..

_you have the freedom to use it wherever you want, however you want. the more you fill in this field, the more this work will achieve its purpose! so please feel free and work on the work as you wish with your self.. use them however you want, wherever you want!

_use the aquarium when you want to complete yourself... sometimes as a guide, sometimes as an escape tool.


that’s the way.

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